The worst Super Bowl commercial came from GoDaddy. As horrid as the ad might be, it also took 45 retakes to get the kiss right…

GoDaddy has spewed shitty ads, like the one above, out for years. But the latest is the one with least substance ever. There’s no point to the ad more than showing a) a hottie girl (because nothing is more important when choosing webhosting) b) make it memorable by letting her kiss the ugly/geeky inside of their product.

The ad is sexist, stupid, gross (close up, smacking, kissing is frowned upon in public, and rightly so) and it talks down to its audience. No one who buys webhosting will be stupid enough to fall for “sexy on the outside & smart on the inside” lines. THAT’S HOW ALL WEBHOSTING WORK, way to sell that USP.

At least the ad is memorable, and quite a few 13 year old geeks were probably drooling a lot seeing it. They will grow up with GoDaddy somewhere in the back of their minds. In the end it’s a success.

If You Were My Agency I’d beg you to come up with a new concept. This shit has been on the air for too long.