I hear it all the time, “We’re becoming a culture based on pictures rather than words.”. In that exact form, or very similar. People who say things like this also often wonder why anyone would want to be a copywriter.

Although we’re bombarded by pictures today I confidently answer that we’ve never written as much as we do today. Facebook, twitter, texting, e-mail, article comments etc. The written language is a bigger part of our daily activities than ever before. We’re moving into a culture where we’re bombarded with messages of all kinds. Being able to express a message clearly have never been more important for companies. And in a culture of text, you’ll need good writers.

That’s why I love Swiss Life’s Epica gold winning print campaign. That and the fact that six well thoughtout words can tell a better story than most 30 second TV spots ever could.

Se all of the gold winning print ads here: http://results.epica-awards.com/09-00331-PRE.html


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