I’m going on a 10-day vacation. Which means there’ll be fewer blog posts in the near future, but after that I’ll be back with full force.

These are two ads which both came out pretty recently. One is Norwegian and the other is American. This is a phenomenon in advertising, and although they are promoting very different things, the idea is still very close.

What’s the worst thing that could happen? I’m so fascinated by the fact that they come out at the same time. Two people have the same idea at two completely different places at the same time.

What’s funny here is that the guys/girls in Norway probably had the idea 6 months later; their process from drawing board to finished ad is so much faster. And maybe their ad is even better? I do however like 30-second spots over longer ones. If you can deliver a message in 30 seconds, you should. Don’t drag it out more than you have to. Be focused and deliver a concise message. Consumers don’t want a dragged out commercial. Push in that creative idea. It’ll be more memorable if you don’t spread out the goodies over double the time.

The Norwegian ad by Try:

The American ad by Grey New York:

A year ago there were two almost exact TV-spots for, two different electrical cars. Both ads display worlds where everything is gas driven, even your computer. These came out only a few days apart. Created by agencies from opposite sides of the globe. Ideas aren’t unique, but apparently Nissans commercial was unique enough to be considered a top 10 ad of 2011, by Adweek.

Nissan Leaf:

Renault ZE: