A not so long time ago social media campaigns equaled Facebook likes. This have changed quickly, both brands and agencies understand that a like in itself isn’t worth anything. It’s how you use that like and how people interact with your brand that’s interesting.

The like isn’t forgotten; it’s measured in countless case movies and still has its place. It’s just not in the spotlight as it used too. CP+B took this to their hearts and created a Facebook campaign that was the complete opposite to all previous ones.

The Most Exclusive Page of Facebook

This is the Facebook page for the Grey Poupon mustard brand. Getting into the club isn’t easy. You have to pass a test of taste. An app will scan your Facebook likes to see if you have good enough taste to be a Grey Poupon fan. You can like the page without doing the test, but you’ll be thrown out within 24 hours.

I think this is brilliant. Exclusivity is desirable and in a universe where brands pay people to like them, Grey Poupon is doing the opposite. It’s a remarkably simple way to stand out. And who wouldn’t want to be seen as someone with great taste?