I think most people who’ve visted the Internet in the last year saw the Belgian TNT ad. If you missed it, have a look.

But a about a week ago it was time for the second ad on the same theme, this time it plays out somewhere in the Netherlands .

It’s the same idea, adding drama to your everyday life, but it’s not as good. TNT went bigger, but not better and I think it’s the kidnapping that fucks it all up. When you’re being taken away your mind will realise that it’s staged. When everything happens right there and then in the beginning you can see that people are chocked, but not as much after being transported away. I don’t know if it could’ve worked with the kidnapping and transportation of people.

If You Were My Agency I’d want to see another execution of this idea. Give us more, give us better. The insight is great and the first execution was perfect, one more of those. Maybe at sea? Or why not a plane, that’d give you some PR…