When Try created this campaign for Solo it was nothing but a strike of genius. It was the most awarded of all campaigns at Eurobest. After watching it you’ll know why. But I’ll prepare you anyway; it ties together different media and a country on the other side of the world with one great insight.

This is modern advertising at it’s finest. I can’t wait to get out to my internship (or my future work place) and start doing campaigns like this. Not only is this campaign great, but Try from Norway have done more great stuff.

I blogged earlier about their what’s the worst that could happen, it’s kind of a rip off. But if you do a good one, as they did, I don’t see the problem.

But Try also did this super cool Volkswagen campaign for the new BlueMotion system. This won a Silver at Epica, it’s not as good as the Solo one, because the insight isn’t as powerful. Solo had the 15 seconds of fame and the, almost mythological, view we have of the US in the Scandinavian countries. If something from Sweden (or Norway in this case) goes great in the US, it’s something to be proud of.

Please try just keep it up. You’re doing amazing work and anyone should be happy to be involved with you. If you were my agency I’d be scared. How can a client stand up for what they think against the stuff you’ve created and the obvious skills you have when it comes to making the right campaign decisions? But as long as you and your client can battle it out for greater results Sweden will have to watch out, we have a hungry neighbor who’s on the rise.