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How to: Viral ads

Ever wondered what makes a video go viral? Well, wonder no more…

YouTube recruitment

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at some of the worlds biggest gaming companies? Activision/Blizzard isn’t portrayed, but can you figure out who the companies in the video are?

It makes me chuckle and it creates an interest in a company I’ve never heard of before. If that isn’t the goal of this ad, I have no idea what it is.

For me it’s in the same genre as the dollar shave club ad. It’s a new, cheap but well made type of viral video that we’ll see tons of. I wonder when the big corporations will try to get in on it, and will they succeed? Or will we see straight through it?

Also, the child actor is fucking amazing.

Mickey D’s are actually doing something good.

One of, what I’m guessing, the world’s least loved companies McDonald’s have created something great. Something that defines, for me, what modern advertising and branding is. If you want to look like a good company and get loved, you have to give back. Not just say it.

So here we have McDonald’s Canada showing us how to make our own McDondalds food. It’s actually great, because I don’t really like the fast food setting and my mind is set that they put shit in the burgers/fries/chicken/meat/sauce/etc. But if I get the recipe I’m much more likely to actually believe them when they advertise their other stuff. And as always – show, don’t tell. I can see when he makes the burger, right there. It’s not pictures it’s video. Sure it could be in more detail but Generation Y only has so much attention span. And ofc it’s not from the US, it’s from Canada – the Scandinavians of America.

All I want to know is when TGIF shows us how to do the Jack Daniel’s glaze.

IKEA Uppleva

I took four days for this video to become the most shared Swedish YouTube ad ever.

Ikea uppleva, or experience, is the new multimedia furniture from IKEA. I love the tone of this viral. And I think that’s why it’s such a great hit in Sweden. She really makes us feel at home, she has a VERY Swedish dialect when speaking English. And the video has the right feeling of low production cost, but still not too low. The resolution and quality of the video is good while still maintaining a home made feel.

Forsman & Bodenfors who made this is a favorite agency of mine, and probably many others. They recently won 7 out of 13 categories on the Swedish advertising award show Guldägget. So big congrats.

I’m guessing this will probably win them another egg next year.

World’s best, and shortest, viral ad.

You’ve missed something great. This is the best ad I’ve seen in a long time, the insight that created this marvelous ad makes me so frustrated. It’s a classic “why didn’t I come up with this“. REALLY… I wanted to come up with this…

Read the name of the video before you start it, might need to view it on YouTube.

I think this will go viral; the concept is nothing short of amazing. I have no idea who came up with this but you should get some kind of medal. If you were my agency I’d tell you to book an interview with the creator(s) of this. Anyone can have a great idea, but this person might have more of these laying around or on the way.

The shortcut to viral success.

This ad has been the talk of the town the last week. It’s for dollarshaveclub.com and it’s awesome. It’s low budget, it’s funny and it has something to offer. It’s advertising 101 executed in a modern way.

There doesn’t have to be a fat social aspect to a campaign. Users don’t have to earn something if they click the share button. If you create content that’s good enough to stand on it’s own legs people will share it just because it’s good/funny.

So take this insight, great content will be shared, even if you don’t have Facebook connect and twitter buttons on the website. All agencies need to think about this one more time because right now they’re all looking for shortcuts. What’s the easiest way for something to go viral, instead of creating great content.

P.S. the shave money, shave time payoff is lame as fuck.

M&M’s think they’re sexy.

This is the most shared Super Bowl ad so far. I think it’s fun, but who’re they aiming to charm here? I’m not American but aren’t you guys really big on family values? Stripping chocolate can’t really fit in there…

I don’t dislike the ad it works for me. But if you were my agency I’d use this for something that doesn’t have 150million US viewers. It’s a fun ad but I can’t see how it speaks to the majority of Super Bowl viewers.

Ads should speak to their target group, drag them in and spit them out; tumbled and convinced that they need to change something in their life, small or big. And this might do that in some small way, but when the viewer is average Joe, with family, it just doesn’t cut it.

Good ad, wrong audience.