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Weird can be good. Stupid can’t.

Is it too weird or just weird enough?

A weird ad needs to be better than this and I think that people will associate the message with beef jerky rather than the brand.

To me this feels like it’s created out of desperation. It’s all based on a tagline that isn’t unique enough. All I can think about when I hear it is “Taste the Beast” from the movie Role Models. Fun movie (but we can talk about that another time).

They don’t follow the tagline in the ad. They don’t feed the beast, so why would we as consumers do it? To me it’s just stupid, it doesn’t connect, it isn’t emotional and it’s not very funny. I’d have to be more outraged and weird to work.

If you want to see weird raging animals used the right way:

Ads that I just don’t get

Am I the only one who doesn’t get this? The food is supposed to have two flavors. So I guess they wanted to double up on something to express this. Then why the hell did they choose the eyes? All it does is make the cat look like a freak.

Was there really no other way to display the deliciousness of two-flavored food? Two tongues would’ve been a lot better than four eyes. The connection would’ve made a lot more sense, since we use our tongue for taste.