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Racist German Cars

After Super Bowl everyone and their mother (including me) is up for commenting on the commercials. And let’s start out with the most racist one.

I can’t for the love of me understand how any of the higher ups OK:ed this? The basic message is that if you drive a Volkswagen you’ll be happy. The only problem is that they added a “Jamaican” accent to it. Which gives the ad a spin back to the 18-1900s kind of stereotypes that says black people dance and sing naked, always with a smile on their face. Haven’t we gotten further than this?

If You Were My Agency I would be furious, but I’m not sure I would leave you. Deutsch have done amazing ads for Volkswagen previous years, most notably the force.

Tea or a nice chianti?

Do would you advertise that your company support independent movies? Maybe like Volkswagen

I think the ad is as brilliant as the initiative itself. As always: the devil is in the details. Hollywood knows this and it’s the small things that make Anthony Hopkins version of Hannibal Lecter so scary, like that sound. There’s no doubt that he found it somewhere, but where?

This is part one of three, the other two classics are Jaws and Taxi Driver, both worth watching.

Animals, the secret key?

It seems that Deutsch are sticking to dogs in the VW ads.

I think there’s an art to making good ads that aren’t edgy. This is an ad the whole family can enjoy and laugh about. And just as it’s hard to make a movie for the whole family, it’s tough to make an ad Too often it gets lame, cheesy and no fun at all. But I think Deutsch manages to pull it off, this time without the help of Star Wars.

Still… I do feel that having animals in the ad might help.

Thanks for everything

I’ve reached a milestone, 100 posts. It took longer than anticipated (8.5 months). But I stuck to it and I’m very proud of myself. The more I write the more I look forward to it. Since this is #100 I’m doing a special post. It’ll be about a brand rather than an agency. Because good advertising needs a fearless buyer.

More than half a century has passed since Bernbach and DDB revolutionized advertising. Volkswagen has helped pave the way ever since. They started doing the prints in the late fifties and it’s probably the most iconic advertising ever made.

But the team over at DDB also created some great TVCs for the Beetle.

Looking into the rear view mirror of Volkswagen advertising is a marvelous sight. And so is the road ahead.

New agency Deutsch won the German car brand both internet fame and 2 Golden Lions in Cannes. With last years über success The Force.

It was first show on Superbowl 2011 and has 54 million views to date. They tried to to follow it this year with the Imperial Bark.

Which I’ve already blogged about here.

This year they didn’t come back empty handed from Cannes either. Just a few days ago I wrote about amazing ads from DDB Sydney.

Check out the whole series and see what I thought here.

But the greatest VW ad from 2012 is definitely this one. From Tribal DDB Berlin. A Gold winner in Cannes cyber category. Do you like it as much as I do?

It has everything a great viral ad should have. And it’s not funny, it’s a serious ad about a serious issue. It tells the worn out story on focusing while driving. It aims at a target group that’s used to nagging and puts them out of balance. DDB Tribal created an inspiring and frightening master piece.

I’d like to thank Volkswagen and all theory agencies. You’ve inspired generations of young advertisers, me included. I’d love to get a shot at making a Volkswagen ad in the future. Though I don’t know if I could handle the pressure and high expectations from the whole world.

And thanks to everyone who reads the blog. I promise the next 100 posts will come faster than these.

Some parallel parkings will put pressure on you.

I fucking love clever ads.

The idea is genius here, it did win a Gold Lion in Cannes earlier this year and it’s not hard to see why. They’ve taken the idea so much further, what would could park assist actually help you with? Can we put a humorous and visual twist on that?

I can just imagine all the ads for cars with parking assistance. I think most of them would feature a car from the brand they’d try to promote. They’d be text based, and they’d have the “from” price of the car printed on a circle.

Thank you Try.

When Try created this campaign for Solo it was nothing but a strike of genius. It was the most awarded of all campaigns at Eurobest. After watching it you’ll know why. But I’ll prepare you anyway; it ties together different media and a country on the other side of the world with one great insight.

This is modern advertising at it’s finest. I can’t wait to get out to my internship (or my future work place) and start doing campaigns like this. Not only is this campaign great, but Try from Norway have done more great stuff.

I blogged earlier about their what’s the worst that could happen, it’s kind of a rip off. But if you do a good one, as they did, I don’t see the problem.

But Try also did this super cool Volkswagen campaign for the new BlueMotion system. This won a Silver at Epica, it’s not as good as the Solo one, because the insight isn’t as powerful. Solo had the 15 seconds of fame and the, almost mythological, view we have of the US in the Scandinavian countries. If something from Sweden (or Norway in this case) goes great in the US, it’s something to be proud of.

Please try just keep it up. You’re doing amazing work and anyone should be happy to be involved with you. If you were my agency I’d be scared. How can a client stand up for what they think against the stuff you’ve created and the obvious skills you have when it comes to making the right campaign decisions? But as long as you and your client can battle it out for greater results Sweden will have to watch out, we have a hungry neighbor who’s on the rise.

Dogs vs Kid, who’s the cutest?

I felt kind of sad when I saw the new Volkswagen commercial. It’s just two commercials mashed into one, because no one could come up with an equally good Star Wars commercial.

The old one spoke to such a big target group, and they ALL thought it was cute. But there are other ways to make cute-for-everyone ads – Put animals in the ad!

Neither half of the ad is bad. But if you were my agency, I would probably have wanted it as two different ones. Maybe it was on the Super Bowl, but I couldn’t watch it live. And now it lives on as a single video.

The Imperial Bark

Volkswagen had a big hit last year with their The Force advert. Almost 50 million viewed it on Youtube, an enormous feat for commercial. This year they even released a teaser for their upcoming super bowl ad.

After seeing a lot of blog posts about this, I felt that I had to comment. But I don’t really know what to say. I guess it works, because dogs are cute and they keep following the Star Wars theme. But other than that it’s kind of ridiculous for an ad. But just as the gorilla ad for Cadbury these ads can be very entertaining and I’m sure that this will go viral in no time. What’s harder to say is if it’s going to sell more Volkswagen cars.