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How to: Viral ads

Ever wondered what makes a video go viral? Well, wonder no more…

IKEA Uppleva

I took four days for this video to become the most shared Swedish YouTube ad ever.

Ikea uppleva, or experience, is the new multimedia furniture from IKEA. I love the tone of this viral. And I think that’s why it’s such a great hit in Sweden. She really makes us feel at home, she has a VERY Swedish dialect when speaking English. And the video has the right feeling of low production cost, but still not too low. The resolution and quality of the video is good while still maintaining a home made feel.

Forsman & Bodenfors who made this is a favorite agency of mine, and probably many others. They recently won 7 out of 13 categories on the Swedish advertising award show Guldägget. So big congrats.

I’m guessing this will probably win them another egg next year.

Will old classmates give us what we want?

One of the worst things about advertising is the promotion part. They’re often sold on the deal itself: “Now we have a 2 for 1 deal, limited time in certain stores.”. But if you have a great offer, this is the kind of ad you should do.

Check out the other ones in the series, they’re just as fun.

I love this, it get’s to the core of great deals. Most people know we can’t haggle today, so the best way to get a good deal is to know the right people. It’s how you get everything today: jobs, apartments, new friends, husband/wife, you name it.

If you were my agency I’d pat you on the bag for a job well done. The ads are good, but most of all your insight about good deals is great.

Well the stupid fucks took the video off YouTube. You can see them all here, but whoever made this decision at the marketing department should be fired, rehired and fired again. You can now watch the videos at Kwik Fits website:

The shortcut to viral success.

This ad has been the talk of the town the last week. It’s for dollarshaveclub.com and it’s awesome. It’s low budget, it’s funny and it has something to offer. It’s advertising 101 executed in a modern way.

There doesn’t have to be a fat social aspect to a campaign. Users don’t have to earn something if they click the share button. If you create content that’s good enough to stand on it’s own legs people will share it just because it’s good/funny.

So take this insight, great content will be shared, even if you don’t have Facebook connect and twitter buttons on the website. All agencies need to think about this one more time because right now they’re all looking for shortcuts. What’s the easiest way for something to go viral, instead of creating great content.

P.S. the shave money, shave time payoff is lame as fuck.

The Imperial Bark

Volkswagen had a big hit last year with their The Force advert. Almost 50 million viewed it on Youtube, an enormous feat for commercial. This year they even released a teaser for their upcoming super bowl ad.

After seeing a lot of blog posts about this, I felt that I had to comment. But I don’t really know what to say. I guess it works, because dogs are cute and they keep following the Star Wars theme. But other than that it’s kind of ridiculous for an ad. But just as the gorilla ad for Cadbury these ads can be very entertaining and I’m sure that this will go viral in no time. What’s harder to say is if it’s going to sell more Volkswagen cars.