I might be last on the ball, but I hope I’ve got something to say about it. The Kiefer Sutherland hidden passion video.

A few weeks ago I would’ve thought this ad was Ok, at best. Now I’m not sure, but there’s something great to it – strategy wise.

What happened a few weeks ago is that our Global Creative Director at Hyper Island came to have a lecture. She talked about Tribes. Rather than being of the same age, have the same income, social status and number of kids they share specific interests. And that’s what this video is targeted at – 24 fans. It was a long running worldwide series with millions of fans. So give them a one and a half minute long glimpse back into what they love. Add some sort of fun, kind of lame, connection to cupcakes. Brand it all with the new Acer Ultrabook and you actually have an ad that should resonate with its target.

Now read the Youtube comments and see for yourself if it was a hit or not…