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Bananas are for monkeys.

From the Swedish Saatchi & Saatchi office comes these ads for the post-workout-recovery-drink Gainomax. The concept has been around since 2006 but I think these ads are better than the old ones. Maybe not as cute though…

It’s not great on it’s own, but with these two second follow ups it’s a nice trio.

Exaggerating product benefits is a slippery slope and hard to pull off. It has to be done with humor (has anyone ever succeeded in any other way?). This time I think it works. The stereotypes are maybe a bit too classical: stupid jocks and stupid cheerleaders. Still … It’s cozy thanks to a nice script and the retroish colors.

Great but almost irrelevant.

I saw this ad last week; it’s in broken English first, and then superimposed Swedish. You can find the translated Swedish part below.

“Today Kjell lives with Britt-Marie.”
“Don’t miss any important mail”
“Order forward delivery when you move”

It’s an ad for Adressändring (Address change).

It’s a superb emotional ad. And as always the devil is in the details. Like in the end, when he asks his wife if she wants a croissant. But the problem I see with the ad is that it’s outdated. We’re super connected through all kinds of services today. Leaving your home address is far from the first thing you’d do. You’d be friends on facebook, leave an email adress, a skype account name, a cell phone number etc.

The ads from last year were funnier and more up-to-date.

Since translation won’t be fair to the great work I’ll sum up it.

The girls parents open her mail without asking. They are so happy for the swing she bought, finally children are on the way.
You can see the girls dad on the swing and the mom says: “Swing of Love…??? it also came with diapers… very large ones…”

There’s creative ways of shooting commercials and then there’s this …

Top swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors have created a very nice ad for a swedish insurance company. It’s classic and tells a nice story, “don’t you worry ’bout a thing baby”. If will replace what you have lost. What most insurance companies would like to communicate.

What’s even better is this behind the scenes video. Imagine working at a company like this, wow.

If you were my agency
Jonas Linder