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I wonder where the Swedish Subway “restaurants” cut their meat …

The best ad in the world is a great product. But you also need people to get that knowledge somewhere. So how do you advertise the best advertising.? You could do it like Arby’s.

I think it’s a great ad; if you have a product benefit, show us – don’t tell us. In this case the pictures speak louder than words and the factory images are kind of horrifying. Can we replace a couple of Subway’s in Sweden with Arby’s? I want to try it out before we change them all.

Hockey sub

I earlier bashed Subway for creating horribly stupid branded content. So now I’m giving you something from Subway that I really like. It creates a nice connection between Subway and Ottawa, or hockey in general. But it also brings in the comedy at the very right moment. Just when you reach for the remote or “sigh” that this is just another stupid ad that tries to be funny and fails.

I’m a hockey fan so that might be why I like them. The mustard one is so nice, a lovely little observation about how hockey players “drink”.

When branded content becomes brain dead content.

I just found this posted on copyranter’s blog. With the recent announcement that Cannes will ad a category for branded content it caught my eye.

However, this part of Hawaii 5-0 is more like a full ad than branded content. It’s definitely stepping over the line. We’re not talking product placement, we’re talking brain dead content. A minute long interruption to show off Subway, talk about it’s ingredients and saying that you can lose weight on it. It’s stupid, to say the least. But when I think a step further I realize that they could never say this in a normal TV ad. That’d sound even more stupid. Who believes an ad that outright says: it tastes good and you’ll lose weight, eating five(5!) footlong sandwiches. So instead of coming up with a smart commercial for the break, Subway chose to buy time in the show and put this stupid placement instead.

I have no problem when they show a certain cell phone for one second in a movie. But the line is crossed, when it actually takes over the story and makes the characters turn the whole show into a commercial. We need to find a way that is a win/win situation; we shouldn’t be destroying culture just to sell products. Start creating advertising that engages people in your brand. But maybe that process is too expensive for Subway, the worlds largest single-brand restaurant chain. Maybe there won’t even be commercial breaks in the future, they’ll just weave it all into the story. The horror… I

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