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Please don’t tell me…

As I’ve been living in London my eyes have opened up to some horrible tube advertising. Big and small formats, but none of them make any sense. So I’m going to start a miniseries of fun/weird/bad London tube advertising.

First up is this pretty stupid breast cancer awareness ad. I think you can tell why it’s stupid, if you can’t see it read on below the picture.


Well if you didn’t see it, here it comes. The ad is stupid because they want you to know how to tell if you have breast cancer – but don’t tell you that. Instead they want you (in a place with 0 reception) to send a text message to get the info.

I know tracking and statistics are great, but actually getting your message across and save lives might have a higher priority, don’t you think?

Even if the goal is to get people to have a physical product delivered we still want the basic information. Don’t leave us hanging and then demand a pretty big effort for finding out the answer…

Weird can be good. Stupid can’t.

Is it too weird or just weird enough?

A weird ad needs to be better than this and I think that people will associate the message with beef jerky rather than the brand.

To me this feels like it’s created out of desperation. It’s all based on a tagline that isn’t unique enough. All I can think about when I hear it is “Taste the Beast” from the movie Role Models. Fun movie (but we can talk about that another time).

They don’t follow the tagline in the ad. They don’t feed the beast, so why would we as consumers do it? To me it’s just stupid, it doesn’t connect, it isn’t emotional and it’s not very funny. I’d have to be more outraged and weird to work.

If you want to see weird raging animals used the right way:

The lights are on but nobody’s home.

At least it will resonate with the target audience…

… immature men who like to objectify women. In all other aspects this is a horrible commercial.

Some reasons why it’s bad:

    It will drive away any customer not in the aforementioned target group.
    It singles out lifeguards as idiots.
    It singles out seniors as disgusting.
    It isn’t funny, but tries to be.
    The photography is at a high school level.
    It doesn’t sell hooters in a new way.
    It doesn’t have a puzzle for the viewer/buyer to solve.
    Nothing unexpected happens.

But what the hell did I expect from Hooters?

Airport Science

For me it’s always a key element that you “get” the ad in the very end. Nothing is more intriguing than an ad where you solve the puzzle. That’s why I find most car ads boring.

The first time I saw this ad, I loved it. It places down all the pieces of the puzzle and the gives you the fact last. Letting me connect the dots. And there are more cool Science World ads, much in the same way.

This isn’t as good of a puzzle, but it has more humor.

When branded content becomes brain dead content.

I just found this posted on copyranter’s blog. With the recent announcement that Cannes will ad a category for branded content it caught my eye.

However, this part of Hawaii 5-0 is more like a full ad than branded content. It’s definitely stepping over the line. We’re not talking product placement, we’re talking brain dead content. A minute long interruption to show off Subway, talk about it’s ingredients and saying that you can lose weight on it. It’s stupid, to say the least. But when I think a step further I realize that they could never say this in a normal TV ad. That’d sound even more stupid. Who believes an ad that outright says: it tastes good and you’ll lose weight, eating five(5!) footlong sandwiches. So instead of coming up with a smart commercial for the break, Subway chose to buy time in the show and put this stupid placement instead.

I have no problem when they show a certain cell phone for one second in a movie. But the line is crossed, when it actually takes over the story and makes the characters turn the whole show into a commercial. We need to find a way that is a win/win situation; we shouldn’t be destroying culture just to sell products. Start creating advertising that engages people in your brand. But maybe that process is too expensive for Subway, the worlds largest single-brand restaurant chain. Maybe there won’t even be commercial breaks in the future, they’ll just weave it all into the story. The horror… I

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