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Bananas are for monkeys.

From the Swedish Saatchi & Saatchi office comes these ads for the post-workout-recovery-drink Gainomax. The concept has been around since 2006 but I think these ads are better than the old ones. Maybe not as cute though…

It’s not great on it’s own, but with these two second follow ups it’s a nice trio.

Exaggerating product benefits is a slippery slope and hard to pull off. It has to be done with humor (has anyone ever succeeded in any other way?). This time I think it works. The stereotypes are maybe a bit too classical: stupid jocks and stupid cheerleaders. Still … It’s cozy thanks to a nice script and the retroish colors.

The Headphone Truck

Here comes the third thing I saw live in Stockholm over the weekend, the headphone truck by Pause Ljud & Bild . It’s pretty much like an ice cream truck that drives around in Stockholm. But instead of selling ice cream, it sells headphones.

Brilliant concept for the summer, people are out in the parks and tourists are invading the city. And they all need replacements for their shitty Apple earphones.

It’s made by Åkestam Holst who also created this award-winning ad for Pause Ljud & Bild a few months back.

Interactive bombardier bug.

So the day after I found the cool outdoor ad by Pool for Gröna Lund I found this on the subway – an interactive shuttle ad. This one is also made by Pool, they’re on some kind of streak. The copy translates to something like:

“This is how it sounds when a bombardier bug frightens with a gas bomb.”

I can’t imagine a better way to make an ad. Bubble wrap; the most loved material in the world. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found a few un-popped ones.

“Animated” outdoor ad.

I was out in Stockholm yesterday, grabbing a beer before watching Spiderman when I saw this.

When you see it straight a head you see the old guy and when you walk past it turns into a kid. The headline translates into something like “Experience the transformation”.

It’s really cool when you see it in real life and I think that a carnival/fair/whatever that Gröna Lund is a perfect fit for this type of ad. A place like that can make the old young, or at least wake up the kid inside you. Big props to Pool for this ad.