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Italian Sexism.

We all knew Italians liked sexism and objectification of women. I just found yet another proof.

I think one of the characters is supposed to be a man (it wears pants and a shirt). To me that just look like a lesbian spanking session, or a woman hitting a boy from a private school.

Italy has a lot to be proud of, sadly most of it is history. So if they want their best time to be ahead of them it’s time to get with the times, especially as an advertising agency. You’re supposed to explore and innovate, not look in the rearview mirror.

I don’t have any problem with spanking per se. But I have a problem with ads where only sexualized and objectified women are being spanked in the ads. Why aren’t more people represented and why do we have to see their bare asses? It makes me think of this horrible bicycle ad.

Furthermore, the idea is stolen, and the original was better.

Three shortcuts to better ads and a better world

I don’t like sexist advertising. I would follow it by: but who does? LOADs of people, but that’s not really the problem. Societies don’t change over night, unless it’s a coup d’état. These things will take time, and I’m OK with that. The problem is that those that can influence and speed up the change aren’t doing enough.

The advertising industry is a prime example. Selling themselves as forward thinkers, creative minds that come up with fresh solutions daily. Agencies try to be on the edge, follow trends and always be first. But they still can’t break simple norms. It’s not that I demand all agencies to stand on the barricades and go to demonstration. All I ask is a slight change in thinking; to take the road less traveled.

That’s why I’m going to give three great, and simple, examples of how to do that. As a bonus these tips will give you an edgy over your competitors, your ads will stand out and your clients will earn more money.

#1 When casting an ad, you should change up the roles. Why is always the man driving the car? Why is there always a woman in your cleaning ads?

You might say that they’re still your target group and that’s why you want them to recognize the situations and whatnot. But when we reverse roles we often get comedy out of it. Play on the stereotypes, do things a little bit differently.

Using none-traditional gender roles also opens up an even more interesting opportunity. Why not feature a gay couple? The conservatives will rage, you’ll get loads of free press. And young people, who aren’t stuck in the Stone Age, will probably like the brand even more.

#2 Don’t make women look small and weak. Once in a while try to shoot them in a low angle perspective. It’ll make them look strong and confident.

Women shot slightly from above will look small, weak and in need of a big strong man to help them. Mix it up a bit; women can be big, strong and powerful. Show it and your product targeted to them will have a positive aura instead of a negative one.

#3 Don’t put things in women’s mouths. We get it, you want a BJ. However, you wanting a BJ won’t make your clients product look better, though it will probably make you and other men turn their heads.

Selling on sex, especially in a none comic way, is a shortcut. If that’s what your creatives come up with you should get new ones.

It’s tough to say no to sex – it sells. But you should rethink how you portray women if you want your daughter to grow up believing she’s more than an object, more than something brought into the world for men to stare at, more than a second-class citizen.

So take this chance by the balls. Create something new and different – you’re paid to do that. Oh and you’ll make the world a better place for everyone while you’re at it.

Here comes some prime examples of what you shouldn’t do. The Tom Ford ones, take it furthest… they’re made like this just to provoke. I’m not sure if that makes it more or less OK. What do you think?

The lights are on but nobody’s home.

At least it will resonate with the target audience…

… immature men who like to objectify women. In all other aspects this is a horrible commercial.

Some reasons why it’s bad:

    It will drive away any customer not in the aforementioned target group.
    It singles out lifeguards as idiots.
    It singles out seniors as disgusting.
    It isn’t funny, but tries to be.
    The photography is at a high school level.
    It doesn’t sell hooters in a new way.
    It doesn’t have a puzzle for the viewer/buyer to solve.
    Nothing unexpected happens.

But what the hell did I expect from Hooters?

Men Shrinking.

I was browsing adsoftheworld yesterday and found a few interesting, kind of fun, yet sexist ads. But I didn’t rush them over. I went to the website and actually found something interesting.


I have to say I don’t like the jargon, but maybe I’m not the target group either. Because after browsing the website and trying the quiz I get what it’s about. This is a website for men who probably hate feminists and thinks that opening up is for girls. And that’s why I have to love the initiative. Because a lot men do feel bad, and they do crazy shit when they reach the point where they can’t control it any longer. Domestic violence, alcoholism, suicide or even homicide.

So applause for the initiative but I wonder how long it’ll take before “real” men (willingly) can be open with these sort of feelings. Where we don’t have to hide the message in a fake aura of Mad Men:ish gender roles.

Maybe the first initiative should be to talk straight and not hide the message in some sexist bullshit talk that should’ve been dead the last millennia. Sure I LOVE grilling animal meat. But that doesn’t mean I’m less of a man because I take care of my psyche.

Cannes Film

So a new week is upon us and I thought I’d share my feeling about some of the Cannes Film Winners.

I’ve covered some of them before: Dads in briefs here and the Canal+ Bear here.

So the first ad I’m going to talk about is the Wieden+Kennedy ad “Best Job” for Procter and Gamble.

As always the film-job, direction and script from W+K is marvelous. The sexism isn’t. Why isn’t there a single dad in there? Dads just work and moms stay at home. Couldn’t there be ONE full time working mom and one stay at home dad that has the best job in the world?

In this case I really have to say that if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. It doesn’t matter if the execution is marvelous you’re making the world a worse place by promoting stereotypes. You all know the Steve Jobs quote, read it every day and understand the meaning of it.

Fire whoever did this, please.

I saw this ad on copyranter and it’s one of the worst “ads” I’ve seen in a long time.

I love to hate sexist ads. But that’s just one of the things that are wrong. It’s a terrible ad as well. What I see in the picture, is that almost nothing changed from the second to the last picture. Combining with being sexist, and all I see is a company that haven’t changed in a century = EPIC FAIL.

Learn from Barney:


Or learn from David Ogilvy, NEW is the most powerful selling tool in advertising. Think about it next time you get an idea like this, and trash it right away.

P.S. You should’ve placed a man on the last picture with a super cool prototype washer.

Role Reversal

This JDate ad is stupid! Imagine if was done the other way around – fat girl & cool hunk bumping into each other in the corridor. WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE he would be; a guy wanting to turn a girl away just because of how she looks. Guys being picky is a lot less accepted than girls. But I’ll let the girls have this one. It’s a world for men, by men. Girls need all the help they can get, to level the world.

At least the ad doesn’t lie. In most cases, looks will matter. I’m also aware of that girls are the target group, seeing as most dating sites are sausage fests.

Still the ad is built in the belief that girls can chose whoever they want: “They’re better than all the cave men out there”. Which will only last as long as most men let women pussy whip them, so… till the end of days.

If you were my agency – I’d have you rework the concept. Good looking guys might be an even worse choice.

Objectifying women fail

A few days ago this sexist piece of crap went viral. It was facebooked, blogged about and the retweets were many. I’m not even sure if this is actually real, a spec ad or something else.

What I do know is that I hate it. Women are treated bad enough in advertising. Leave the shitty objectifying crap to people without imagination.

How do we show it’s exaggerate suction power?”. The idea isn’t that bad, but the final execution is. Anything could’ve been used for this: animals, flags… a FAT MAN. Anything but a supermodel is OK. I’m even gonna quote a fictional character on the fact that “sex sells”:


Says who? Just so you know, the people who talk that way think that monkeys can do this. They take all this monkey crap and stick it in a briefcase, completely unaware that their success depends on something more than shoeshine.

I’ll also quote a dead legend:


The test is relevance. To show bosoms in a detergent advertisement would not sell the detergent. Nor is there any excuse for the sexy girls you sometimes see draped across the hoods in automobile advertisements. On the other hand, there is a functional reason to show nudes in advertisement for beauty products.

Of course it sell(under the right circumstances), but if you think that taking the easy way out is smart, THINK AGAIN. Women are objectified enough already: eating disorders, mobbing, low self esteem etc. It’s not advertisings fault. But advertisers, as well as everyone else, should do what they can to prevent it. Doing an ad this crappy for a product targeted mostly to women is stupid.

I wish vacuum cleaner ads had both sexes as targets. Sadly the world still isn’t equal enough for that. Some homes are, but one day the majority will be. And at that point, ads like this will be gone.

If you were my agency – I’d trade away your male creatives for women.