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All Eyes on the S4

How do you advertise a feature that pauses movies when you look away from the screen?

That’s how!

You could say it’s a low budget personalized version of the TNT push for drama, but the connection to the product benefit is much closer here. There are a lot of things that can add drama, but no other phone with the same function as the S4.

It’s a fun spectacle to watch. I just wish I got the chance to try this out, even though I know I wouldn’t have made it till the end.

Sure, but WHY!?

Samsung started bashing apple: here, here and here. But apple didn’t take the bait, so Nokia decided to give it a go.

It has its fun parts. But where Samsung tried to make the choice of smartphones seem like a two horse race, Nokia is turning it into a three horse one – which isn’t nearly as good.

In the ad, Nokia advertises features from BOTH competitors, without saying much about their own. Actually they don’t say anything about the Lumia 920 in this spot. All the while you can clearly see Apple’s Siri being used as well as the Android/Samsung bump function.

Sure it makes a point of being better, but why and how? Sure it’s “Engadget’s readers smartphone of the year”, but how many people even know what Engadget is?

Yes I think the ad is fun, but it doesn’t sell me on the Lumia. So I’m still leaning towards a Samsung as my next phone.

El Plato Supreme

Samsung is stepping up to the plate with their Super Bowl ad. But lets start out with the teaser.

And here comes the Super Bowl ad, for the Next Big Thing.

I love both Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, and I think they’re pretty funny here. The video is well done, well acted and funny. But is it doing a good job advertising Samsung? I don’t think so.

Sure the brand gets some nice star quality with the two of them + the cameo of LeBron on a tablet. But I know nothing of their products. If I haven’t seen the ads before, I have no idea what it’s about. Samsung does a lot more things than smartphones and tablets, and although brand building is always good there’s no real competitive power here. But maybe they didn’t feel they had to. Samsung is doing pretty good on the smartphone market, being the online real competitor to Apple. There are some product shots in here, but the products are concealed pretty well. And if I should be honest I fucking love this. I want this to be the type of advertising we see all the time. But if that’s going to happen this must work, as in making people buy the stuff from the ads.

If You Were My Agency I’d say that being seen on Super Bowl and making fun, celebrity endorsed, ads was a good decision. People are re-watching them online just because they’re good, but I can’t help to wonder if they could’ve put just a bit of product info in the ads. Would it have ruined them? We’ll never know.

Overly Attatched Samsung

Samsung is striking while the iron is hot and has recruited Laina Walker, the overly attached girlfriend. While this might boost Samsung as a brand, knowing the kids and shit, I’m pretty sure it’ll be the beginning of the end for Laina’s. But on the other hand, her few minutes of fame will probably not last very long either way. Copy/Lyrics are spot on with references to everything an upper teenager should be scared of online.

Samsung bashes away, again…

The new Samsung bash on iPhone 5 is here.

It’s not as good as the old one. Some of the things the dudes say are over the top fanboyish. But it has one super moment, when the parents come back. Oh the humiliation. It made me all fuzzy inside, and I have more apple stuff than I’d care to admit…