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NZ Anti Sneeze Campaign is Awesome.

I’m sure I don’t have to explain why these ads are great. Just have a look, it’ll probably turn into a stare and a giggle.

Bananas are for monkeys.

From the Swedish Saatchi & Saatchi office comes these ads for the post-workout-recovery-drink Gainomax. The concept has been around since 2006 but I think these ads are better than the old ones. Maybe not as cute though…

It’s not great on it’s own, but with these two second follow ups it’s a nice trio.

Exaggerating product benefits is a slippery slope and hard to pull off. It has to be done with humor (has anyone ever succeeded in any other way?). This time I think it works. The stereotypes are maybe a bit too classical: stupid jocks and stupid cheerleaders. Still … It’s cozy thanks to a nice script and the retroish colors.

Cannes Film – Bound by blood

Last autumn all of Hyper Island sat down with CP+B. We got briefed to create world peace, if only for a day, within 72 hours. You can see the resulting ideas here.

But this year an idea that easily beat all our hours won a Golden Lion. Watch it and feel it’s power.

I don’t really believe the whole “you wouldn’t kill someone that has your blood in them” thing. But wow do I believe in the power of this idea. To have things in common, to save lives of people on the other side and meet each other in sorrow. I often dismiss ads for charities because it’s a lot harder to sell a brand than world peace or child starvation. But for this I can’t give anything less than three thumbs up, the idea really moved me.

If only they’d worn boxers…

I saw this ad and I found it really nice. It’s made by the Argentinean agency Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi. It play with stereotypes, but in a fun way. Walking around in briefs is such a dad thing; a mom would never strut around in panties and a bra. It’s at least a 99% man issue. When you’re over 50 and your body have seen decades since it’s best days, maybe you’d cover it up for the sake of others. I guess sometimes stereotypes are forgivable. White men in their fifties should never feel safe. If you rule the world, you should be cool when people make fun of you.

Before seening this ad I thought air condition ads had to be boring, the funniest ones might feature sweaty people falling due to slipper floors. So if you were my agency I’d keep you around for a long time. The story telling is super, you guys create an amazing commercial about something as boring as air conditioners.