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Meganews Magazine Kiosk

I think this is freakishly smart.


You might not be able to tell from the picture, but this is a magazine kiosk that prints on demand. Instead of printing tons of magazines that gets sent back every month, the magazine you want gets printed on the spot.

With the technology we have nowadays this is a no-brainer. Why would we waste more natural resources, cut down more trees, use more paper than wee need?

I see this as an amazing arena for the future. The promotional offers that could be combined with this are vast. Buy a Coke and get 25% on the magazine, BUT it’ll be filled with Coke advertising as well.

The Machines are Rising

We’re not far from cars driving themselves, and this is just one step on the way. Brilliantly visualized below, it won a silver award at Eurobest.

How BBDO Clemenger stunned me.

After a few weeks I’ve realized that there are a few agencies I need to write about. They’re spread out all over the world; but for now, let’s jump back down under.

I’m also coming back to the BBDO network. But landing slightly to the west, in Australia and the Clemenger branch. Who are also the owners of Colenso.

The top three ads all come from the Melbourne office. I’ll start out with the print campaign that won a golden lion this year in Cannes.

This might be the best print ads ever to play on the independent-man-cliché. It starts with a simple idea and a great copy line. The execution is amazing; the casting, is perfect and the styling is even better. But still I wonder when we’ll see beer ads aimed at women on a large scale. It’s long since women started drinking beer, why not make some moniez? And just imagine how ground breaking the advertising could be.


Let’s move on to this beautiful video.

When I first watched this I knew it was for Strongbow cider. But I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why it snowed. What was so cool with people swimming around in a pool when it was snowing? And what did it have to do with cider?

I got the answer the last five seconds and I felt so stupid. I had sat through the whole commercial secretly dissing it in my head, and BAM – stupidity.

I keep coming back to, how much I love when the pieces come together in my head the last five seconds. And this is what it did, but I had just sat there trying to figure it out beforehand. I guess I’m not as smart as I think, or that the picture was too grainy ;)


This campaign is one of my favorites of all time. It gives me goose bumps!

It’s probably the one campaign (or ad) that I’m most pissed that I never thought of myself. The solution is so great, yet obvious. How can no one have thought of this before? Why in the world would you make charity ads for blind people that they can’t see? I can honestly say that this is pure brilliance in my eyes. Getting an idea this obvious and simple, I can just hope it’ll happen to me some day.

Of course, I’m not the only one loving this; it won a Titanium & Integrated Silver Lion – Cannes Lions 2010.


I’m finishing with this campaign; it’s from the Sydney office. Maybe campaign isn’t the right word. It’s a survival guide, but not for the zombie apocalypse or a snowstorm. It’s small tips to help you through domestic violence, make it more comfortable to live in the streets and how to not fall back into alcoholism.

I found the pics here, hope it’s OK that I borrowed them.

I like this because it hits me where it hurts. I know they have a rough time; I see the misery every day, read about it in papers and watch it on TV. But I don’t hear it first hand. And I don’t hear it from this angle. As always, doing things differently is what’ll get you noticed. Combining that with such raw emotion, that these ads express – and you’ll people right in the heart.

I recommend that you watch the TVC’s here.

Men Shrinking.

I was browsing adsoftheworld yesterday and found a few interesting, kind of fun, yet sexist ads. But I didn’t rush them over. I went to the website and actually found something interesting.


I have to say I don’t like the jargon, but maybe I’m not the target group either. Because after browsing the website and trying the quiz I get what it’s about. This is a website for men who probably hate feminists and thinks that opening up is for girls. And that’s why I have to love the initiative. Because a lot men do feel bad, and they do crazy shit when they reach the point where they can’t control it any longer. Domestic violence, alcoholism, suicide or even homicide.

So applause for the initiative but I wonder how long it’ll take before “real” men (willingly) can be open with these sort of feelings. Where we don’t have to hide the message in a fake aura of Mad Men:ish gender roles.

Maybe the first initiative should be to talk straight and not hide the message in some sexist bullshit talk that should’ve been dead the last millennia. Sure I LOVE grilling animal meat. But that doesn’t mean I’m less of a man because I take care of my psyche.


There’s been a shortage of post the last few days. The reason for this is that I competed in the print ad competition 48H. The brief was to increase donations to the female mentor program Stella. And here’s the winner.

The headline reads “An in/unsecure investment.”. The word for insecure and unsecure is the same in Swedish. I think it’s a very worthy winner; the picture goes very well with the headline and message they want to deliver. It’s professional from an all out student team.

Congrats to: Madelena Stunis (AD), Magnus Ekbladh (Copywriter) and Samuel Kantala (Strategist).

I didn’t place but you can see my ad here.