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The 10 funniest commercials ever

A list of what I think are some of the funniest ads ever. I know I’ve had some of them on the blog before, but they’re all worth a second mention. If you have favorites that I missed, write a comment.

#10 Panda Cheese ?
It’s one of my absolute favorites, but I get that not everyone enjoy it as much as I do. It’s weird.

#9 Direct TV
This series of ads are very funny. The one with Charlie Sheen is probably the most popular one, but this is my favorite.

#8 – Budweiser – Whasssup
Classic superbowl ad from Budweiser, the phrase “whasssup” became a phenomenon in itself.

#7 Dollarshaveclub.com
An ad made on minimal budget, with perfect comical timing. So of course it went viral.

#6 Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
A modern classic, the pieces just come together in this one: the monologue, the one-take filming and the tone. It’s a smash hit and still makes me grin, the 100th or so time I’m watching it.

#5 Hamlet – Photo Booth
It’s a cigarette ad I know, but it is funny and it would work for other happiness boosters like Coca-Cola or Snickers. Which are probably almost as unhealthy as cigarettes.

#4 Bud Light – Swear Jar
Swear words and obscenities are funny in the right context. This amazing Bud Light ad shows how.

#3 – The German Coastguard
There are a lot of funny ads for language courses, but this is my all time favorite. It’s simple, with a twist and funny without obscenities.

#2 – Reebok – Terry Tate office linebacker
A friend showed me this a few years ago, I remember almost peeing my pants. And since I’m a big fan of Office Space the TPS-report reference gets me every time.

#1 – John West Salmon
I can’t remember when I saw this the first time, but I know it was a long time ago. My friend and I watched it over and over and over. It never got old, and I still laugh every time I see it.

Close but no cigars:
Most ads from Skittles, Kayak Brain Surgeon, Zazoo Condoms Screaming Kid, K-Swiss Kenny Powers, Asics Faster Than a Lion,

Weird can be good. Stupid can’t.

Is it too weird or just weird enough?

A weird ad needs to be better than this and I think that people will associate the message with beef jerky rather than the brand.

To me this feels like it’s created out of desperation. It’s all based on a tagline that isn’t unique enough. All I can think about when I hear it is “Taste the Beast” from the movie Role Models. Fun movie (but we can talk about that another time).

They don’t follow the tagline in the ad. They don’t feed the beast, so why would we as consumers do it? To me it’s just stupid, it doesn’t connect, it isn’t emotional and it’s not very funny. I’d have to be more outraged and weird to work.

If you want to see weird raging animals used the right way: