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Flight Tags Tell a Story.

I think this is an absolutely amazing campaign form Ogilvy London. I would also love to know which was the original idea (the tag(s) that got the ball rolling).

There are a few more but these were the best ones.

mum_dad_iou_aotw sun_sea_snd_sex_aotw lat_ers_aotw fac_tor_ten_aotw bon_voi_age_aotw

Name on a bottle

To me one of the most interesting things about modern advertising is that companies don’t want to pay for media. They want Viral, something no one can guarantee. If they could they’d be billionaires by now. But there are some things you can do – like making it personal.

It’s a great campaign. A spot on take on today’s world. We want companies to talk to us, not as a group but individuals. It’s a campaign that wouldn’t have worked nearly as well just a few years ago. Social media and smartphones made this a success campaign.

It’s always cool to see new use of media. Usually it means buying ad space in the weirdest places, or changing your packaging a bit. But I don’t think anyone have done this. If they have I’d love to see it!

However the thing that’s hardest to take is: Coke let Ogilvy Sydney change their bottles. I would’ve loved to see that pitch.

Hot Wheels, playful as always.

There are a lot of good Hot Wheels commercials. These are from Ogilvy & Mather in Hungary.

I think that they’ve found something fun but also cute in these ads, they follow the over all theme of Hot Wheels in a good way. I’m sure that looking at them will make me smile for a long time. Not many ads can do that.

I think that playfulness can be hard to catch for a print ad like this. But Hot Wheels seem to do it over and over, with different agencies and in different parts of the world. Maybe they’re just that good, or it’s actually easier than I think to do playful ads. Can it be that too few companies want to be playful?