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OMG I’m so great

Here’s a pretty new Nike ad that tries to motivate people.

I can’t be the only who isn’t inspired by this. There are too many product shots, too many stories and not enough depth. The leap from the fat kid last year to this is enormous. I guess the audiences (target groups) are different, but still – the tone is off here. It’s too much, “OMG I’m so great look at me”. I know it talks to me (by saying YOU’RE GREAT) but it sure doesn’t feel that way.

More than the ball bounces at La Bombonera

Maybe the fans of your football team are wild and crazy. But do the jump enough to create earthquakes?

Nike vs. Fat

Nike is taking a stand against childhood obesity. A stand that, if successful, will help them sell more shoes but also create a healthier nation.

It started with their ads during the Olympics. But since Nike wasn’t an official sponsor this ad wasn’t shot in London, England. It was shot in London… Ohio.

Recently they followed it up with this ad.

I think is’ a great ad and it reminded me of the 17 year old “If you let me play” ad for Nike (featured in Art & Copy).

I like both, because they speak to those in charge of changes for children – their parents. The old one is stronger, but I like the concept in both ads. Often ads in the category of “do what’s good for your child” are often filled of clichés and even worse tone/imagery. These ads speak to the viewer in a perfect way. I think that’s what really signifies Wieden+Kennedy, and their commercials. They’re on a level that no other agency is today when it comes to ads of these types. Many agencies might be able to do funnier, scarier or sexier ads. But no agencies can produce emotional ads that speak to us in such a direct way.

Imported from Portland.

Few things in this world give me goose bumps. If I get it during an ad, you can be sure you’ve done a great fucking job. The Chrysler super bowl spot form last year is one of those. The script, imagery, the music and the voice, just thinking about it gives me a slight chill..

I like this year’s spot too, just not as much. Clint Eastwood is great, but I think the message isn’t as clear as last year. Take a look and see for yourself.

What really disappoints me though is that the ad is partly a lie. If you want to build a brand that’s American and nothing else, you can’t make cars in Mexico. Nothing bad about Mexico, but lying to customers is a shitty thing to do. Sadly I don’t think ad agency Wieden+Kennedy knew that when they were asked to write a lying script.

But the ad is still great and W+K shows that they’re world class at making adds for TV. It’s not only The Entrance and Write the Future. If I ever got the chance, you’d be my agency. You always do great stuff, except for Coke… I still don’t like the Coke ads.