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I love Dare.

Dare is an agency that I had never heard till some months ago. The office that hooked me was the one in Vancouver. I got dragged in with three ads for the whistler film festival.

See all of them here.

After watching all four I just had to know which agency created them. I found their site and on it I started watching an ad for Sony Ericson Xperia Arc, then I watched all the others from start to finish. Ads have to be good for me to do that. And although they’re filled of stereotypes, they take on so many of them I just can’t resist liking it.

Check them out here.

I kept browsing the website and found more great stuff. For McDonalds they made a campaign to promote that McDonalds actually have greater coffee than most people think. Combining a smoking hot coffee bus stop display combined with a print ad where they had “stained” the pages with coffee rings.

See the full story and the super cool bus stop coffee cup here.

I stayed on the site for a lot longer than I usually do. There’s just something there that I can’t ignore, advertising that I won’t forget. And I write them at the top of Agencies to check out-list.

I few months go by and I only check back once, to check for news and see the Sony Ericson ads again. But then one day I see this video on adsoftheworld, and I’m stunned. Why? Not only because it’s a beautiful ad for milk; but because 99% of all agencies would cast a boy/man.

We need more agencies that do ads like these. It’s simple to create great ads and still break conventions. Just think slightly outside the box when you’re casting and be part of the movement for a gender equal world.

Mickey D’s are actually doing something good.

One of, what I’m guessing, the world’s least loved companies McDonald’s have created something great. Something that defines, for me, what modern advertising and branding is. If you want to look like a good company and get loved, you have to give back. Not just say it.

So here we have McDonald’s Canada showing us how to make our own McDondalds food. It’s actually great, because I don’t really like the fast food setting and my mind is set that they put shit in the burgers/fries/chicken/meat/sauce/etc. But if I get the recipe I’m much more likely to actually believe them when they advertise their other stuff. And as always – show, don’t tell. I can see when he makes the burger, right there. It’s not pictures it’s video. Sure it could be in more detail but Generation Y only has so much attention span. And ofc it’s not from the US, it’s from Canada – the Scandinavians of America.

All I want to know is when TGIF shows us how to do the Jack Daniel’s glaze.

Using stereotypes in advertising – a balancing act

This french ad for McDonalds is an exaggerated parody with stereotypes. It sounds like it’s heading for failure. But TBWA Paris actually manages to keep this fun and interesting. I don’t really know why I like it. I think it’s because, although the parodic style is exaggerated, the characters are not. They’re stereotypes sure, but other than a ridiculous amount of strength they seem pretty cool.


As you can tell from the text above I’m not against stereotypes in advertising per se. But it’s hard to do it in a good way. It’s a tough balancing act and few manage to do it in a none stupid or racist/sexist/prejudice way. Below you can see an example, how not do it. In this commercial schweppes(who did a brilliant ad with Uma Thurman a year back) are not only racist but also joke about gay men, or just black men with high pitched voices.

If You Were My Agency,