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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Here’s a clip that shows how much music can do for your ad.

I know, I know this is a Christmas song. But I think it’s much more true for summer, and so did the clever people over at Leo Burnett.

It’s always nice to see the power of opposites and I think it’s sad that we don’t see them more often. Because it’s so easy to create and often gives a fun attention drawing effect.

So why are so few agencies and clients using it? Why are we giving so little credit to the viewer? The average person will not believe you’ve gone mad, the average person will like you for it.

If You Were My Agency I’d want to see more of this, I know as a client it’s scary to put your brand out there. But you just can’t be like everyone else and expect people to love you for it.

New agency, same concept.

Over the last few years Skittles have created weirder and weirder commercials. I love most of them, and I think most people do. Even with the success they decided to switch agencies, and keep the concept. Their chose fell upon Leo Burnett Chicago who made this ad a few months ago.

It created an outcry. Because, according to a bunch of US moms, it promotes bestiality. Sure it promotes bestiality, if you’re stupid. You don’t have to like the ad; you can think it’s disgusting. But if you believe this peace of comedy will the tipping point that makes a kid go “Oh… I should have sex with animals”. Then you must’ve some kind of issues with your own inspirations for sex.

Anyway, this rad sweaty treadmill ad came out recently. I’m pretty sure it promotes torture.

I like both ads. No matter what the “moms” say. The ads are crazy, funny and brilliant. They make me crave skittles and they inspire me. When I see them I want to

    a) do crazy shit myself
    b) get a job where I can come up with crazy Skittles ads.

So if Leo Burnett needs people on the account, please let me know!

To finnish off this round of Skittles madness I’ll give you an ad from Trale Lewous. It’s a character created by Nathan Barnatt that love Skittles. I have no idea how/if he works with the agency though…

Brain Freeze time!

The people at Leo Burnett Melbourne have created some great advertising for 7-Eleven and their Slurpee over the last few years. Here come a few of them.

Bring Your Own Cup Day

I think that giving stuff away for free is the lamest marketing trick in the book. So if you want to do that, you have to make it special. Like they did here. For this campaign it was about creativity. And they didn’t give things away for free, just cheap (depending on the “cup” you brought). To me the creativity is the nicest touch to this campaign. Smart and funny people could actually pull off really fun things. It was the type of ideas that would normally start with: I wish I could/If only/Why can’t I… etc. For many, this was a dream scenario come true. It would’ve been for me as well, and I’m not even a Slurpee fan.

Official Sport of Slurping
So you’ve gone and made yourself a national holiday (of sorts) for your brand. What more can you do? You could get the devouring of your product classified as a sport. That’s what Leo Burnett and Slurpee had done before they created the BYOC-day.

Check out the case video at Leo Burnett’s website.
(Can’t find the video anywhere embedable)

You can check out the Facebook page for the campaign. Sadly the project seems to have been abandoned after succeeding to make it a sport. The website is down and the Facebook page is dead.

The Big Slurpee
Apparently Australians like to visit big things during their vacations. They’re some kind of national symbols, weird monuments of everything from ostriches to bananas. I don’t know how big of an impact they actually have on national culture. But who wouldn’t want to create one? And what company wouldn’t want a giant replica of their product? A replica that people could visit, a tourist attraction that they’d take pictures of and share with friends – for a long time in the future. I think that’s a great enough reason to create an 11 meter high Slurpee.

Now… how do I bring this to BYO cup day?

Check out the case study here.

Facebook likes might not say much. No one knows how much they’re worth, and I don’t think anyone ever will. Still it’s very impressive to rack up over 300’000 likes in a country with 21 million inhabitants, especially if you’re a brand within a brand (7-Eleven in this case). But with advertising like this no one is wondering how it happened.

Jeep Treasure Hunt

When I saw this the first time I thought that it was just a Jeep version of Mini Getaway. But Leo Burnett Warsaw have made something different. And although treasure hunting campaigns are hot right now this is nicely done. They’ve done it in a theme that fits the client and scaled it up; all of Poland was turned into a big treasure map.

Although they’re already here, these campaigns are the future. Activating the target group, who’ll develop a connection to the brand. I don’t think any old media campaign can create a connection like this. How many TV ads have given you memories for life, standing on a mountain top?

The reach is probably a lot less. But the people it does reach, will be a lot more affected than those watching a car driving around in the alps.