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The scariest stunt ever?

I’m probably one of the few who don’t hate on movie reboots, I do however hate on the lack of creativity. So I can see why a new version of Carrie would be cool, having another go at something can yield nice results. But it means that a new cooler idea never got the chance. Still, this viral is pretty epic.

This is a very nice stunt. It shows what all stunts must have, which is one of the following: it needs to be mind blowing, fun enough for a comedy special, super cute or scary.

The video of your pop-up store will never go viral and neither will your free give away. Unless they’re surrounded by flying pink elephants, but those aren’t on brand… Now you go figure out why your video only reached a few thousand people (all paid for/just you refreshing your browser).

My top 5 movies in the Guldägget nominations.

It’s time for the annual Swedish advertising awards show Guldägget. They leaked one day early so I thought I’d take a chance and give you my top five favorite film ads.

Magen (The stomach) – Apoteket
Made by Forsman & Bodenfors (congrats on receiving the most nominations).

For none Swedish speakers: this ad is about how your stomach might feel. Actors, who are in different floors in a building yelling at each other for not doing their job right, replace all parts of your digestive system.

“How’s the work place situation in your stomach? Do our stomach test at apoteket.se”

Smoothness – IQ
Made by Forsman & Bodenfors

This one is in English so it won’t need an explanation.

Farsta Forever – Lotto (A big Swedish lottery)
Made by King.

There are so many ads like this; what would you do if you became a multi millionaire? So if you want to make it good, you have to go into the extreme. And I think King did it, and they did it very well.

If it’s unclear the guy builds his favorite spot at his favorite place, a subway station at a beach in Thailand.

Santa – Unicef
Forsman & Bodenfors
Another great one in English from F&B, I felt so guilty when I watch this that my parents actually got this as their Christmas gift.

Historiska Felrekryteringar (Bad historical recruitments) – Poolia (a swedish recruitment firm)

I love it. I’m not sure if I even have to explain what kind of recruitment this is, especially if you can just keep one eye on the subtitles.