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Last week of Hyper

This week was my last week at Hyper Island before internship, which explains the extremely low amount of posts. But here is something to fill that void temporarily. A lovely, low budget star trek ad.

The 10 funniest commercials ever

A list of what I think are some of the funniest ads ever. I know I’ve had some of them on the blog before, but they’re all worth a second mention. If you have favorites that I missed, write a comment.

#10 Panda Cheese ?
It’s one of my absolute favorites, but I get that not everyone enjoy it as much as I do. It’s weird.

#9 Direct TV
This series of ads are very funny. The one with Charlie Sheen is probably the most popular one, but this is my favorite.

#8 – Budweiser – Whasssup
Classic superbowl ad from Budweiser, the phrase “whasssup” became a phenomenon in itself.

#7 Dollarshaveclub.com
An ad made on minimal budget, with perfect comical timing. So of course it went viral.

#6 Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
A modern classic, the pieces just come together in this one: the monologue, the one-take filming and the tone. It’s a smash hit and still makes me grin, the 100th or so time I’m watching it.

#5 Hamlet – Photo Booth
It’s a cigarette ad I know, but it is funny and it would work for other happiness boosters like Coca-Cola or Snickers. Which are probably almost as unhealthy as cigarettes.

#4 Bud Light – Swear Jar
Swear words and obscenities are funny in the right context. This amazing Bud Light ad shows how.

#3 – The German Coastguard
There are a lot of funny ads for language courses, but this is my all time favorite. It’s simple, with a twist and funny without obscenities.

#2 – Reebok – Terry Tate office linebacker
A friend showed me this a few years ago, I remember almost peeing my pants. And since I’m a big fan of Office Space the TPS-report reference gets me every time.

#1 – John West Salmon
I can’t remember when I saw this the first time, but I know it was a long time ago. My friend and I watched it over and over and over. It never got old, and I still laugh every time I see it.

Close but no cigars:
Most ads from Skittles, Kayak Brain Surgeon, Zazoo Condoms Screaming Kid, K-Swiss Kenny Powers, Asics Faster Than a Lion,

Dirty cleaning products.

Method is brand that makes cleaning supplies with natural and degradable ingredients. Droga5 saw a great opportunity to advertise that with the upcoming Household Product Labeling Acts.

This tactic can be found in the book Eating the big fish; to see the opportunity in changes of the law and use them to your advantage. But even if you have the tactic you need to pull off a great execution. I have to say that they pulled off a pretty great one.

Highlight. “Loofah, loofah, loofah….”

15% happier, or more!

Exactly how happy are people who switch to Geico?

Those are my two favorites in this series. You can see the rest of them here.

So why do I like them? Because they make me chuckle. I wrote about the Geico Taste Test earlier, which gave me mixed feelings. The ads were too generic. These might be as well. But they are funnier, which is almost always good, and they all sell on happiness. They don’t try to badmouth their competitors. Geico is better, and saving money will make you happy. As they not only tell you, but they SHOW YOU!

It’s time for Droga5 to show you why I love them.

Mel the Milkbite

I’m starting out with a campaign that I love. It’s cute and funny. But it’s also a smart way of marketing the product.

This spot was bashed for racism. I understand why people found it racist, but I can’t really agree. You can read a lot into this commercial if you’d like to. How deep racism still runs in the world – some still won’t date people with another ethnicity.

But does that make the ad racist? Definitely not. It takes the issue of being a mix, or not knowing who you really are, and puts it in another perspective. That’s not racist, there’s nothing here that says that X is better than Y. It just says that she’s only into X, until she actually meets the X+Y combination.

You might say that it simplifies a big issue and mocks it. I say: what’s wrong with bringing these issues out into the light? Especially when a big corporation pays for it. I’m sure this ad actually started conversations about Internet dating and prejudice. A commercial did that. That’s a very good thing!

Decode Jay-Z

This is probably Droga5’s most famous campaign. It won too many awards to name them all but the list includes: a golden Cannes Lion in Direct, one Grand Prix in Outdoor and another in Integrated, a One Show Gold in Outdoor.

The campaign wasn’t the first to use this technology. But it’s the biggest integrated campaign ever. It’s spread out over the world, not in a single city or even a country, the world.

But what makes this campaign so freaking cool is the media buys: pool table mats, fast food soda cups, luxury jacket linings etc. This was an expensive campaign no doubt, but it’s also cool to see a global brand like Microsoft spend their money on it. No doubt was this a gamble, but they really went all in. Thank you for that. Now all we want are global brands doing the same thing.

The above campaigns were both from the New York office, so lets take a look down under. The following two campaigns were made by Droga5’s Sydney office.

Facebook intervention

Many Facebook campaigns are just about likes. Some campaigns have taken it further, like take this lollipop. But that can get a bit scary. So how do you use the same technology but for something fun? And how do you make people connect to each other with it instead of themselves.

Case study here (couldn’t be embeded).

This is what you do when your friends become total Facebook posers. You give them an intervention. I think it’ll be hard to see how many beers this campaign actually sold. But in the long run this is the kind of ad that’ll make people like your brand. Few things are as powerful for marketing as people actually liking your brand.

The strongest and most loved brands don’t have to fight their battles and try to get likes. People will do it for them, and if your product isn’t good or different enough this is one of the ways to earn that love. Fun, integrated campaigns that fit your target group perfectly. A beer brand spoofed young men on the Internet = perfect match.

Raise a glass

This is another campaign for the beer brand VB. But if you’re not a total cynical you’ll have to press the tears back rather than laugh.

I am a bit of a cynical and I don’t like brands to free ride on people’s deaths. But I don’t think this does. The campaign is focused on remembering lost soldiers. Honoring them with a raised glass, and gathered money for the ones left behind. It’s a lovable campaign and the greatest part is that it’ll be permanent.

Raise a glass shows that brands can do great things. They’re not all evil corporations. Even if VB makes money on this I don’t think that’s their main reason. If it were, it wouldn’t have worked as great as it did.

Chased by a lion.

A lot of advertising is about showing how much better you are than your opponents. Some even call their opponent out and make a nice battle out of it. I like it; as long as it’s not dead serious, it has to be done with humor, like Audi and BMW did in their billboard battle. But for some people it might not matter whether it’s the very best or just good enough.

Although it’s featuring africans chased by a lion on a savannah, I dont’s find this racist.

The reason I don’t find it racist is that the only stereotype I see is that one of the guys are bare foot. I imagine that a lot of people on the african savannah actually are bare foot and that there are lions there. So I guess a pair of running shoes wouldn’t be too bad…