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The funy side of product benefits.

The most dreadful ad, for me at least, is the infomercial type. They just hammer product benefits and possibly the SUPER CHEAP PRICE – in your face. And that’s why I like ads that say the same thing, but in a different way.

It’s fun but still clearly gets the message across. I’ll remember this a lot longer than a 30 sec spot where all they talk about is how great Clear is. This isn’t the best ad ever. But it’s fun and clearly symbolizes what advertising can be. Instead of just telling people that Clear 4G has no data limit. It’s shown and taken into a completely different direction, a category where limits would be stupid, shirts and pants. This shows some of advertisings foundations. Show why you are better than your competitors, don’t tell it. Show it in a great/fun/emotional/etc. way and people will remember why you’re better. Lots of ads do this, but they’re mostly branding ads. That mostly speaks to you as a brand rather than to advertise product benefits. They just want to be cool, fun, your friend or whatever.

Kevin Nealon in the best PSA ever.

It’s Friday, either you’re at work, out traveling, bored, watching TV, playing with the kids or doing something else… I don’t know. I hope you’ve had a drink or two, or ten But be sure to swallow because otherwise they’ll come pouring out of your nose when you see this. Listen closely – to the best PSA ever.

Cannes Lions – Hahn SuperManly

There’s a fine line for me on what stereotypes I think are OK and those that aren’t. If you make fun of stereotypes or take them faaar out, you’re on the right side. Hahn SuperDry added all the cliché stereotypes that come with maneliness and added it into their beer factory. One of the best ads this year came out on the other side.

There have been other inside-the-factory-ads for beer (and other alcohol). So if you want to do it, hit it way over the top like Hahn did and you’ll have one hell of a commercial. If Publicis Mojo were my agency I’d show this to more clients and tell them that whacky ads like this win both prices and drive sales. And maybe most importantly in today’s climate, people will talk about your brand.

The shortcut to viral success.

This ad has been the talk of the town the last week. It’s for dollarshaveclub.com and it’s awesome. It’s low budget, it’s funny and it has something to offer. It’s advertising 101 executed in a modern way.

There doesn’t have to be a fat social aspect to a campaign. Users don’t have to earn something if they click the share button. If you create content that’s good enough to stand on it’s own legs people will share it just because it’s good/funny.

So take this insight, great content will be shared, even if you don’t have Facebook connect and twitter buttons on the website. All agencies need to think about this one more time because right now they’re all looking for shortcuts. What’s the easiest way for something to go viral, instead of creating great content.

P.S. the shave money, shave time payoff is lame as fuck.

Hockey sub

I earlier bashed Subway for creating horribly stupid branded content. So now I’m giving you something from Subway that I really like. It creates a nice connection between Subway and Ottawa, or hockey in general. But it also brings in the comedy at the very right moment. Just when you reach for the remote or “sigh” that this is just another stupid ad that tries to be funny and fails.

I’m a hockey fan so that might be why I like them. The mustard one is so nice, a lovely little observation about how hockey players “drink”.