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Paper isn’t dead.

Print media might not be dead yet, but it’s definitely declining… But paper still has it’s place in the world.

As a want-ALL-the-tech guy myself I use less and less paper, but nothing beats it when I need to get ideas out. We need to disconnect and log off. It’s a yin and yang thing, you need pieces of both or neither will be really good.

So I would like to congratualte the agency that created this, the insight is absolutely on spot. And the execution is excellent, especially the twist ending. The casting/roles are a bit stereotype though.

If You Were My Agency I’d know for sure that both the planners and creative who made this could be counted on. But could it be flipped around, could the woman be the techie?

Selling Canal+’s screenwriting in just over a minute.

Here’s something fun to kick off your week. It’s an ad for Canal+. It’s not as great as the bear that won a Golden Lion this year, but it’s still great.

It’s humorous with an unexpected ending. I think that’s why I can’t stop smiling when I think about it. But it’s the combination with a sales argument that makes this ad so good. Selling the idea that Canal+ shows have great screenwriting.

And as you always should: show it, don’t tell it.

A Bear Worthy of a Lion

This is very old by Internet standards. But I fucking love this ad. It tells a nice story, starting out with what could be a scene out of any medieval or fantasy movie. Telling the story about the fanatic artist who wants to create, involved in every bit of the process.

Thank you BETC paris, for me this is a top Cannes Lion candidate. If you were my agency you’d have hard work in front of you, because anyone who’ve seen this will request that you do more of it.

Attention grabbing isn’t always good.

Just because you can grab the attention of someone, doesn’t mean you should. To me, screaming children is one of the most annoying things on the planet. I’m sure a lot of people agree with me; so WHY would you fill a commercial with it?

I do get the point: “If you think it’s annoying for 20 seconds, imagine having you own kids. Put on a condom.”. But it’s already been done, in a better way.

If you wanna make the point that something is annoying, make sure it doesn’t spill over on your brand. Because that’s how I feel right now, I hate this commercial. The one for Zazoo is fun in a whole different way. The one from Zero Zero Four annoys me, not even close to laughter, or any other feeling for that matter. Now the only thing I feel about Zero Zero Four is that they are an annoying brand.

The Original and Best

The new cheap copy

If You Were My Agency
Jonas Linder

Using stereotypes in advertising – a balancing act

This french ad for McDonalds is an exaggerated parody with stereotypes. It sounds like it’s heading for failure. But TBWA Paris actually manages to keep this fun and interesting. I don’t really know why I like it. I think it’s because, although the parodic style is exaggerated, the characters are not. They’re stereotypes sure, but other than a ridiculous amount of strength they seem pretty cool.


As you can tell from the text above I’m not against stereotypes in advertising per se. But it’s hard to do it in a good way. It’s a tough balancing act and few manage to do it in a none stupid or racist/sexist/prejudice way. Below you can see an example, how not do it. In this commercial schweppes(who did a brilliant ad with Uma Thurman a year back) are not only racist but also joke about gay men, or just black men with high pitched voices.

If You Were My Agency,