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Sweden’s Advertising Flagship

Forsman & Bodenfors have a very special place in my heart. Not only because of their great work, but because it was their advertising that made me choose this career path. There is one ad I remembered specifically, and it’s the one just below. I apologize in advance for all the Swedish ads, I’ll try to explain them as well as possible, but some of them won’t translate very well. Luckily the first one has headlines.

Familjen Dafgård Kama Sutra

It’s such a brilliant ad. It doesn’t speak much about the food, but it does tell the story of how easily you can get dinner ready when you absolutely have to. It’s easily one of my favorite ads of all time. The casting is perfect for the script. On one hand the idea is so funny and simple. On the other hand I can’t imagine the amount of time it’d take me to stumble upon an idea like this.

Västtrafik Tram Sightseeing
During the last few years public transport have often been promoted on it’s environmental benefits. But Forsman & Bodenfors took a completely different approach. They saw it as an opportunity for the cheapest guided tour possible.

I believe this is the cleverest use I’ve seen of mobile yet. Sure there are a lot of cool branded apps but few add something useful to my life. Sadly I haven’t tried it yet as I’m stuck in Karlskrona. But I will visit Gothenburg later this year and then I have to try it out. The only bad thing I can see with it is that a lot of tourists will get pretty high phone bills due to the data usage, but maybe you can prep it over WiFi. Which leads us to the next campaign.

Tele2 only free is cheaper
Everyone has been told of how they must protect their WiFi with passwords and encryption, but apparently some people missed the memos. Forsman & Bodenfors saw an opportunity. With an outdoor campaign telling people how they could use the Internet for free.

From left to right the ads read:
Here you can surf the web using the “pizzalover” network. But there’s a lot of people using it so sometimes it might be a bit slow.
There’s an open network here. Thank the Lidman family for that. Just enter: “FamiljenLidman”
Right here there aren’t many open networks. Try over at Nytorget instead.”

I think that this is just the start. We’re not far away from companies offering WiFi at bus stops to promote their service. However, here we have something completely different. Tele2 is offering other people’s access to anyone who wants. And tell them that if they want to keep browsing the Internet where there is no free access, the cheapest way is to use Tele2. What I like about this approach is that it’s so unexpected for a big telecom company to do something like this.

The cool part of this campaign is that all these networks could be accessed at the start of the campaign.

Apotekets Magtest
The ads for the Swedish pharmacy Apoteket were some of my absolute favorites last year. Instead of showing illustrated or animated shots of this and that part of your stomach, they dreamed up a metaphor where a stomach is the world’s most chaotic office.

Every character represent a different part of your digestive system the stomach and the small intestine as well as the large intestine. All the ads end with the question “What’s the working environment like inside your stomach? Take our stomach test.

The humor is great as well as the style, but I find that the absurdity in the ads is what makes them perfect. Compared to other ads talking about stomach problems it’s nothing short of amazing. It’s humorous without fart jokes and still makes you think and wonder. It’s a testament to the fact that you don’t need a convincing guy in a white coat in medical ads and you definitely don’t need cheap and boring animations.

Kalles i Tokyo
There have been many brands promoting how good they are by associating their product to national pride. Few ads have shown how people from other counties can’t stand the product. So with this approach Forsman & Bodenfors promoted a Swedish spread as the opposite of ‘Big in Japan’.

To explain this a bit Kalles Kaviar is a, comparably, cheap Caviar brand that is used every day on Swedish sandwiches, preferably in combination with a hard boiled egg.

I think this ad summarizes why I love Forsman & Bodenfors. Their ideas are so different but still sell the product perfectly. And while other agencies also do this, few can do it with the subtlety and elegance with which Forsman & Bodenfors does it.

Cannes Film #2 – Direct TV

I’ve blogged about the Direct TV ads before, and I like them, but I can’t see how they Won a Gold:

And then there’s this brilliant ad from Forsman & Bodenfors that only won a bronze.

Dr. Pepper and others have done the what could go wrong idea before Direct TV. Whereas the anti drinking ad from IQ superbly masks itself as a whisky ad and slowly expands into so much more. It captures the essence of fine-booze-ads and then makes us feel guilty about it, without taking it too far. I think these too should’ve switched place. There are probably more top ads that didn’t make it into the absolute top, time to dig around I guess.

IKEA Uppleva

I took four days for this video to become the most shared Swedish YouTube ad ever.

Ikea uppleva, or experience, is the new multimedia furniture from IKEA. I love the tone of this viral. And I think that’s why it’s such a great hit in Sweden. She really makes us feel at home, she has a VERY Swedish dialect when speaking English. And the video has the right feeling of low production cost, but still not too low. The resolution and quality of the video is good while still maintaining a home made feel.

Forsman & Bodenfors who made this is a favorite agency of mine, and probably many others. They recently won 7 out of 13 categories on the Swedish advertising award show Guldägget. So big congrats.

I’m guessing this will probably win them another egg next year.

My top 5 movies in the Guldägget nominations.

It’s time for the annual Swedish advertising awards show Guldägget. They leaked one day early so I thought I’d take a chance and give you my top five favorite film ads.

Magen (The stomach) – Apoteket
Made by Forsman & Bodenfors (congrats on receiving the most nominations).

For none Swedish speakers: this ad is about how your stomach might feel. Actors, who are in different floors in a building yelling at each other for not doing their job right, replace all parts of your digestive system.

“How’s the work place situation in your stomach? Do our stomach test at apoteket.se”

Smoothness – IQ
Made by Forsman & Bodenfors

This one is in English so it won’t need an explanation.

Farsta Forever – Lotto (A big Swedish lottery)
Made by King.

There are so many ads like this; what would you do if you became a multi millionaire? So if you want to make it good, you have to go into the extreme. And I think King did it, and they did it very well.

If it’s unclear the guy builds his favorite spot at his favorite place, a subway station at a beach in Thailand.

Santa – Unicef
Forsman & Bodenfors
Another great one in English from F&B, I felt so guilty when I watch this that my parents actually got this as their Christmas gift.

Historiska Felrekryteringar (Bad historical recruitments) – Poolia (a swedish recruitment firm)

I love it. I’m not sure if I even have to explain what kind of recruitment this is, especially if you can just keep one eye on the subtitles.

There’s creative ways of shooting commercials and then there’s this …

Top swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors have created a very nice ad for a swedish insurance company. It’s classic and tells a nice story, “don’t you worry ’bout a thing baby”. If will replace what you have lost. What most insurance companies would like to communicate.

What’s even better is this behind the scenes video. Imagine working at a company like this, wow.

If you were my agency
Jonas Linder