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Immortal Football Fans

After an amazing week off I’m catching up to what happened in Cannes and found this brilliant Gran Prix winning activation.

I think it’s a superb activation, not much of what comes out of ad agencies saves lives.

More than the ball bounces at La Bombonera

Maybe the fans of your football team are wild and crazy. But do the jump enough to create earthquakes?

Bananas are for monkeys.

From the Swedish Saatchi & Saatchi office comes these ads for the post-workout-recovery-drink Gainomax. The concept has been around since 2006 but I think these ads are better than the old ones. Maybe not as cute though…

It’s not great on it’s own, but with these two second follow ups it’s a nice trio.

Exaggerating product benefits is a slippery slope and hard to pull off. It has to be done with humor (has anyone ever succeeded in any other way?). This time I think it works. The stereotypes are maybe a bit too classical: stupid jocks and stupid cheerleaders. Still … It’s cozy thanks to a nice script and the retroish colors.

In times of Football

This ad stunt was made in advance of the Euros. I really hope it worked.