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So fluffy!

Here’s a Friday treat for all the bunny-lovers out there.

I don’t think there’s any idea to talk about here but people will still remember the association with bunnies. Which I guess means this is a win for Ibis. Fluffy by association.

Dumb ways to die

I think this is a really great ad/PSA from McCann Melbourne for Metro Trains. What I think creates the magic is the mix of absolute cuteness and brutality. Which is always a great way to get noticed through all the clutter.

Animals, the secret key?

It seems that Deutsch are sticking to dogs in the VW ads.

I think there’s an art to making good ads that aren’t edgy. This is an ad the whole family can enjoy and laugh about. And just as it’s hard to make a movie for the whole family, it’s tough to make an ad Too often it gets lame, cheesy and no fun at all. But I think Deutsch manages to pull it off, this time without the help of Star Wars.

Still… I do feel that having animals in the ad might help.

Dogs vs Kid, who’s the cutest?

I felt kind of sad when I saw the new Volkswagen commercial. It’s just two commercials mashed into one, because no one could come up with an equally good Star Wars commercial.

The old one spoke to such a big target group, and they ALL thought it was cute. But there are other ways to make cute-for-everyone ads – Put animals in the ad!

Neither half of the ad is bad. But if you were my agency, I would probably have wanted it as two different ones. Maybe it was on the Super Bowl, but I couldn’t watch it live. And now it lives on as a single video.