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Mentos: the crapmaker

From the same agency that made the Geico ads (here & here).

What I don’t get is how an agency can go from the Geico ads to this. I realize it was made by a different team (probably all the way though the process), there was a different target group, a different product, different media etc. However none of those explain why they chose to sell their client crap. Or why the client chose to buy crap.

My biggest concern is something other than the fact that the ads just try to sell on sex. It’s the middle school level of the idea. How come “Let’s put the product in front of something people want to REALLY see” is the final outcome of all the work that was put into this? And the execution of that idea ends up as: boobs and tits…

It’s nice to see the guys at the agency thought up an idea for a man as well – so they won’t look sexist. But I want to know why he’s the one who get’s his head and not his balls covered?

It’s not only the agencies fault. If you’re responsible for the advertising of a global brand: How can you not see that these are the crap that crap craps?

The lights are on but nobody’s home.

At least it will resonate with the target audience…

… immature men who like to objectify women. In all other aspects this is a horrible commercial.

Some reasons why it’s bad:

    It will drive away any customer not in the aforementioned target group.
    It singles out lifeguards as idiots.
    It singles out seniors as disgusting.
    It isn’t funny, but tries to be.
    The photography is at a high school level.
    It doesn’t sell hooters in a new way.
    It doesn’t have a puzzle for the viewer/buyer to solve.
    Nothing unexpected happens.

But what the hell did I expect from Hooters?

Fire whoever did this, please.

I saw this ad on copyranter and it’s one of the worst “ads” I’ve seen in a long time.

I love to hate sexist ads. But that’s just one of the things that are wrong. It’s a terrible ad as well. What I see in the picture, is that almost nothing changed from the second to the last picture. Combining with being sexist, and all I see is a company that haven’t changed in a century = EPIC FAIL.

Learn from Barney:


Or learn from David Ogilvy, NEW is the most powerful selling tool in advertising. Think about it next time you get an idea like this, and trash it right away.

P.S. You should’ve placed a man on the last picture with a super cool prototype washer.