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Coke for Christmas

Pretty nice Christmas commercial from Coke this year. Their message is, as always, happiness. Sadly they also keep their habit and havea tonne of product shots in the ad. But I actually think the ad works, I feel the happiness bubbling up inside me. It’s not a volcanic eruption but there’s some fizz on the surface.

Name on a bottle

To me one of the most interesting things about modern advertising is that companies don’t want to pay for media. They want Viral, something no one can guarantee. If they could they’d be billionaires by now. But there are some things you can do – like making it personal.

It’s a great campaign. A spot on take on today’s world. We want companies to talk to us, not as a group but individuals. It’s a campaign that wouldn’t have worked nearly as well just a few years ago. Social media and smartphones made this a success campaign.

It’s always cool to see new use of media. Usually it means buying ad space in the weirdest places, or changing your packaging a bit. But I don’t think anyone have done this. If they have I’d love to see it!

However the thing that’s hardest to take is: Coke let Ogilvy Sydney change their bottles. I would’ve loved to see that pitch.

Pepsi #1

So I’ve been analyzing Pepsi as a brand in school. The usual stuff: competitors, SWOT, marketing, tonality, web presence etc.

While doing it I came up on a couple of adverts they’ve done over the years.

It’s cool to see that back in the 80s the actually had a strong, and in this a fun, message. Today it’s all over the place with different sub brands. And even the sub brands might have one single voice or purpose. They can have a couple of their own.

Pepsi really needs to look themselves in the mirror and see if they can focus a bit. Take a way all that fluff that no one likes. The refresh campaign is amazing, but we can’t see it for all the other crap. We don’t recognize you anymore…

Amazing Coke border ad

After bashing on Coke ads more than once, I found one I love. Not sure if Wieden+Kennedy did this one though…

You can literally build friendships over borders as long as you have something you both like or enjoy. It leaves me with a really nice warm feeling for the coming weekend. It’s an amazing job; spreading something meaningful through ads without sounding corny. And there isn’t a line of dialogue. LOVE IT.

If you were my agency I’d say you’re on the very right track. Keep to this and don’t do what you did a few months ago.

Dear Coke, Your ads are shit.

The last few years I actually think coke shaped up. They had some kind of youth camp connected with social media that was pretty cool. It’s not super awesome, but it gives a hint of what’s possible to do with social media if you have the right crowd.

Wieden+Kennedy, to you’re the best agency in the world. Why are you doing ads like this? With some of the most talented people in the world you can do better.

But for Super Bowl this year someone thought that they should keep up their polar bear campaign. SERIOUSLY, it’s not cute any more. We know it’s just a mascot for you and that you don’t really give a crap about them… Sure you have your support website for them. But where do you even mention that, why don’t you unite your billions of fans and actually save them?

The ad isn’t even funny, although trying so hard. If you were my agency I’d start taking more social responsibility. It’s time, you’re one of the few companies in the world who could do something about climate change and help the Polar Regions. Get in the history books for something more than soda!

Two rights, makes one wrong.

Combining two of the world’s biggest brands, you can create failure. Coca-Cola, probably the best-known brand on earth felt that it needed help from someone who’s more fun, The Simpsons. And I can’t see any reason why Matt Groening would sell out his creation like this. Compared to the family guy commercial I posted some time ago, this is complete bullshit. I just can’t see why Coke needed The Simpsons, or why Matt Groening/FOX sold out their brand.

The Family Guy ad for Wheat Thins was just as much an ad for Family Guy and it’s humor as it was for Wheat Thins. Whereas this ad ruins Springfield by bringing Coke to town.

“Omg I wrote like an amazing Simpsons episode, but it’s just 1 minute long. OMG OMG OMG… We’ll call up Matt and buy his show and make the Chinese animators do our video!!1 Tell them to fill it with Coke branded everythings…”

I know every marketing director on earth would accept anything that CO-brands with The Simpsons. But seriously, you can’t just make a crappy ad and add celebrities, real or animated, to make a good ad.

Considering how much this ad probably cost to make, I’d fire the idiots who approved this. If you were my agency I’d start looking for a new one. The money spent on this could’ve bought something so much better. Because unless I’m mistaken, this isn’t a long-term relationship between Coke and The Simpsons, so why would you want to confuse your customers?