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I Hope You Followed the Frog.

I found this to be the only ad I hadn’t seen in the TED top 10 published yesterday. It’s an ad no one should miss, so take a look.

I think it’s a great ad, not that I think everyone will recognize himself or herself in it, but a lot of people will. We all want to help the environment and mother earth, but we don’t want to make sacrifices. And I think the ad above is a great way to showcase that. It’s funny with a great story. The only problem I have with it is the length, 3 minutes is a long attention nowadays.

Too bad Rainforest Alliance isn’t really that great, compared to similar certifications it’s a lot easier for a company to get the frog badge than the others. But I guess it’s better than nothing.

A case of the Mondays?

Starbucks were hit with hate and rage at the end of last year. Having ducked taxes like a professional dodge ball player. The PR crisis was a fact. Which led Starbuck to write an honest and a bit self-boasting letter.

Starbuck letter of apology UK

This week they followed up on the letter with an absolutely brilliant TV ad from AMV BBDO.

I have to say that if they keep the ads (and offers) running like this they’ll win back what they lost in business next monday. But getting rid of the tax dodging reputation won’t be as easy. Is it even possible for people to forget?

But if AMV BBDO were my agency I’d probably never let them go. The stuff they produce is amazing and landed them a well deserved top ten spot on the Big Won rankings.

Talking Coffee machine WIN!

I have soft spot for interactive outdoor installations. So there’s no surprise I like this one.

There are just so many kind and nice versions of this; hugging Coke machines, sharing cokes with people on the other side of the globe. There are none as entertaining and weird as this one. I just know I’d stick around for a long while if I saw this. And if I were I coffee drinker I’d never buy from any one else after this. It’s hilarious.

I love Dare.

Dare is an agency that I had never heard till some months ago. The office that hooked me was the one in Vancouver. I got dragged in with three ads for the whistler film festival.

See all of them here.

After watching all four I just had to know which agency created them. I found their site and on it I started watching an ad for Sony Ericson Xperia Arc, then I watched all the others from start to finish. Ads have to be good for me to do that. And although they’re filled of stereotypes, they take on so many of them I just can’t resist liking it.

Check them out here.

I kept browsing the website and found more great stuff. For McDonalds they made a campaign to promote that McDonalds actually have greater coffee than most people think. Combining a smoking hot coffee bus stop display combined with a print ad where they had “stained” the pages with coffee rings.

See the full story and the super cool bus stop coffee cup here.

I stayed on the site for a lot longer than I usually do. There’s just something there that I can’t ignore, advertising that I won’t forget. And I write them at the top of Agencies to check out-list.

I few months go by and I only check back once, to check for news and see the Sony Ericson ads again. But then one day I see this video on adsoftheworld, and I’m stunned. Why? Not only because it’s a beautiful ad for milk; but because 99% of all agencies would cast a boy/man.

We need more agencies that do ads like these. It’s simple to create great ads and still break conventions. Just think slightly outside the box when you’re casting and be part of the movement for a gender equal world.