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The Machines are Rising

We’re not far from cars driving themselves, and this is just one step on the way. Brilliantly visualized below, it won a silver award at Eurobest.

Some parallel parkings will put pressure on you.

I fucking love clever ads.

The idea is genius here, it did win a Gold Lion in Cannes earlier this year and it’s not hard to see why. They’ve taken the idea so much further, what would could park assist actually help you with? Can we put a humorous and visual twist on that?

I can just imagine all the ads for cars with parking assistance. I think most of them would feature a car from the brand they’d try to promote. They’d be text based, and they’d have the “from” price of the car printed on a circle.

Imported from Portland.

Few things in this world give me goose bumps. If I get it during an ad, you can be sure you’ve done a great fucking job. The Chrysler super bowl spot form last year is one of those. The script, imagery, the music and the voice, just thinking about it gives me a slight chill..

I like this year’s spot too, just not as much. Clint Eastwood is great, but I think the message isn’t as clear as last year. Take a look and see for yourself.

What really disappoints me though is that the ad is partly a lie. If you want to build a brand that’s American and nothing else, you can’t make cars in Mexico. Nothing bad about Mexico, but lying to customers is a shitty thing to do. Sadly I don’t think ad agency Wieden+Kennedy knew that when they were asked to write a lying script.

But the ad is still great and W+K shows that they’re world class at making adds for TV. It’s not only The Entrance and Write the Future. If I ever got the chance, you’d be my agency. You always do great stuff, except for Coke… I still don’t like the Coke ads.

Audi turns Moby Dick into a car commercial

Why are car commercials so boring? Most of us aren’t interested in seeing your car cruise the alps in different angles – while a VO tells us the amount of horse power. Audi is a brand that I think have done ads that differ, more than once, and here comes a new one. This one is “based on” Moby Dick, or a “the big fish that got away”-story.

I would love to see more car ads that go outside the box. There are so many more ways to sell your car than just showing it. Take a shot, be cooler than the other car brands.

The only thing I wish is that they’d show the car less and build more mystery. Show the car less, it’s like a scary movie… as soon as the monster is shown, I lose interest.