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Banned in schools.

Putting things in perspective is always a wake up call.


I think it’s an amazing ad, while it’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges I don’t think it’s wrong. Because it is weird that a book can be banned for harming children but guns aren’t.

Are you a social farter?

So how lame is social smoking?

It’s a pretty fun ad. But the end line completely ruins it. Everybody understand it’s an ad about social smoking, we look at it, we laugh and see how silly they look. We think a bit about how we might look when we smoke at parties. But we know we look cooler than someone farting. Why? Because no one ever farted in a movie and looked cool, no cowboy ever rode his horse into the sunset farting in a TV ad and no one ever asked anyone out for a fart in the snow.

Social smoking is not as ridiculous as social farting. It’s a lot more dangerous and stupid, but it’s not as ridiculous looking.

And that’s the whole problem with the ad; the comparison is funny as long as it’s metaphorical. But as soon as that line of copy comes up we know it’s just a bunch of lies.

The line should’ve just said: Stop looking stupid during parties. Stop social smoking. Now it just draws an equal sign that turns the ad into a lie, and advertising should never lie.

The wonderful world of Science

These Science World ads were made by Rethink in Canada. They’ve been all over the net by now but I thought I’d give some comments to them. Trying to make out which are good, which are superb, which are in between and why I think so.

The really good ones use the medium to its fullest potential. The make us turn our heads, and maybe even run after.

The inbetweeners, stand out as installations. They ‘refunny and make people curious, but placing something where it doesn’t belong is easier than finding that special opportunity we saw above.

I still like these very much, they play on curiosity and the human urge to know and learn. They’re just not as cool as cool as the above ones, they’re “just” regular billboards.

All in all I can’t but love these ads. I’m far from alone to think so. These billboards went viral, VIRAL BILLBOARDS! And it wasn’t just one of them, it was the whole series, that’s impressive.

Rethink have also done some great TV ads for science world that you can see over at Copyranter on Buzzfeed . I’ve written about at least one of them, Airport Security.

I love Dare.

Dare is an agency that I had never heard till some months ago. The office that hooked me was the one in Vancouver. I got dragged in with three ads for the whistler film festival.

See all of them here.

After watching all four I just had to know which agency created them. I found their site and on it I started watching an ad for Sony Ericson Xperia Arc, then I watched all the others from start to finish. Ads have to be good for me to do that. And although they’re filled of stereotypes, they take on so many of them I just can’t resist liking it.

Check them out here.

I kept browsing the website and found more great stuff. For McDonalds they made a campaign to promote that McDonalds actually have greater coffee than most people think. Combining a smoking hot coffee bus stop display combined with a print ad where they had “stained” the pages with coffee rings.

See the full story and the super cool bus stop coffee cup here.

I stayed on the site for a lot longer than I usually do. There’s just something there that I can’t ignore, advertising that I won’t forget. And I write them at the top of Agencies to check out-list.

I few months go by and I only check back once, to check for news and see the Sony Ericson ads again. But then one day I see this video on adsoftheworld, and I’m stunned. Why? Not only because it’s a beautiful ad for milk; but because 99% of all agencies would cast a boy/man.

We need more agencies that do ads like these. It’s simple to create great ads and still break conventions. Just think slightly outside the box when you’re casting and be part of the movement for a gender equal world.

Mickey D’s are actually doing something good.

One of, what I’m guessing, the world’s least loved companies McDonald’s have created something great. Something that defines, for me, what modern advertising and branding is. If you want to look like a good company and get loved, you have to give back. Not just say it.

So here we have McDonald’s Canada showing us how to make our own McDondalds food. It’s actually great, because I don’t really like the fast food setting and my mind is set that they put shit in the burgers/fries/chicken/meat/sauce/etc. But if I get the recipe I’m much more likely to actually believe them when they advertise their other stuff. And as always – show, don’t tell. I can see when he makes the burger, right there. It’s not pictures it’s video. Sure it could be in more detail but Generation Y only has so much attention span. And ofc it’s not from the US, it’s from Canada – the Scandinavians of America.

All I want to know is when TGIF shows us how to do the Jack Daniel’s glaze.

Modern advertising isn’t an ad.

I talk, and write, a lot about how much advertising need to change. That it needs to go beyond normal ads. I still believe that the old advertising has it’s place, and a big one. But you can’t rely on only that. Without work that engage consumers to fight with and for your brand, you will be phased out.

The successful companies in the future might include Budweiser, with ad agency Anomaly. They’re big now, but sitting back and relax might cost them a lot. So they created this cool flash mob at an amateur hockey game. I’m a hockey freak and love this. It aired during the Super Bowl, but only in Canada.

This is just my type of entertaining advertising. I feel it in my heart. How could someone not feel for these guys? Amazing work, and although this isn’t a campaign in it self, I’m sure people will love Budweiser more. It might be close new school advertising, but to me this is a bridge between old and new.