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A wasted idea…

Somehow this idea feels wasted in more than one way.

The above is a great idea and execution. I can just imagine the publicity it would’ve received it Heineken or Carlsberg launched it. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we’d have world championships in this? People would start out sober and the guys in the final would be so drunk they’d have to be tied to the arcade machine to be able to stand up straight.

But all we can hope for now (if it’s real) is that this get’s picked up and launched in enough bars to be recognized by the general public – anything can happen after that. It’s sad when a great idea like this never gets out there, everyone should get a chance to see and experience this in a pub. A big beer brand would’ve made that happen, now we can only hold our thumbs and hope.

What a big beer brand wouldn’t have done is to buy the idea in the first place. As we all (should) know: with great hierarchy comes great stupidity – too many cooks spoil the broth. Who wouldn’t want to get their greasy little marketing fingers on this idea, “tweaking” it to be more “on brand”. Couldn’t it be a Facebook game instead? Why keep the purity and geniality of the idea when you can ruin it completely…

If You Were My Agency I’d love you (if there even was an agency behind this).

The sexism of Commercials explained

There is a slight difference in ads targeting men and women.

Not much to say other than the fact that I find it hilarious. How men and women are portrayed and target in advertising is ridiculous. It’s getting better, but it’s going too slow. So thank you BBC for making this awesome piece.

A cutie pie cloud

Try to guess the brand before it ends… It very much stands out from the ads the competition are doing.

I think it’s very nicely produced. Will there be more ads on the “made of more”-theme? As part in a series of ads, with the same tagline, it’s brilliant. What more than clouds could be made of more? I really want to see more of this from AMV BBDO. I’m not sure it’ll win a GP in Cannes, but other awards? Definitely.

There are four prints out, but I want to see more film!

Robbers running with beer.

The last two days or so this video have created some social media buzz. So if you’ve missed it, take a look.

It was made by one of my favorite agencies, Clemenger BBDO. Who continue their great streak of ads for Carlton Draught. The ad is not HAHA-funny, but it keeps me smiling. Some moments even make me giggle like a little girl, like when they climb the roadblock. But it’s the 90s feeling that really does it: the environments, the music and the style.

It always fascinates me when a brand can follow up on success. VW had trouble following “The Force”, their “The Bark Side” was good but not as good. But Carlton Draught has over a period of 7 years created three ads that are very different (The Big ad, The Slowmotion ad and this one). But I’d say that they’re all equally good, or at least very close. Impressive.

“Animated” outdoor ad.

I was out in Stockholm yesterday, grabbing a beer before watching Spiderman when I saw this.

When you see it straight a head you see the old guy and when you walk past it turns into a kid. The headline translates into something like “Experience the transformation”.

It’s really cool when you see it in real life and I think that a carnival/fair/whatever that Gröna Lund is a perfect fit for this type of ad. A place like that can make the old young, or at least wake up the kid inside you. Big props to Pool for this ad.

Cannes Lions – Hahn SuperManly

There’s a fine line for me on what stereotypes I think are OK and those that aren’t. If you make fun of stereotypes or take them faaar out, you’re on the right side. Hahn SuperDry added all the cliché stereotypes that come with maneliness and added it into their beer factory. One of the best ads this year came out on the other side.

There have been other inside-the-factory-ads for beer (and other alcohol). So if you want to do it, hit it way over the top like Hahn did and you’ll have one hell of a commercial. If Publicis Mojo were my agency I’d show this to more clients and tell them that whacky ads like this win both prices and drive sales. And maybe most importantly in today’s climate, people will talk about your brand.

Modern advertising isn’t an ad.

I talk, and write, a lot about how much advertising need to change. That it needs to go beyond normal ads. I still believe that the old advertising has it’s place, and a big one. But you can’t rely on only that. Without work that engage consumers to fight with and for your brand, you will be phased out.

The successful companies in the future might include Budweiser, with ad agency Anomaly. They’re big now, but sitting back and relax might cost them a lot. So they created this cool flash mob at an amateur hockey game. I’m a hockey freak and love this. It aired during the Super Bowl, but only in Canada.

This is just my type of entertaining advertising. I feel it in my heart. How could someone not feel for these guys? Amazing work, and although this isn’t a campaign in it self, I’m sure people will love Budweiser more. It might be close new school advertising, but to me this is a bridge between old and new.

The best Heineken ad.

This is probably my absolute favorite Heineken ad, it beats the much celebrated The Entrance. Although it’s a national ad, with a lower budget and an easier execution; the idea is better. This ad starts out with using typical stereotypes, and then BAM – (partly) flips them around. The men are still beer drinkers, but they’re screaming like little girls.

As usual I think that more companies and agencies need to flip stereotyps around, or be left behind. To make successful advertising in todays media climate you need to stand out. And you need to do it in a good way.

After seeing this I think there are a lot of men out there dreaming about having their own walk in beer fridge.