Samsung started bashing apple: here, here and here. But apple didn’t take the bait, so Nokia decided to give it a go.

It has its fun parts. But where Samsung tried to make the choice of smartphones seem like a two horse race, Nokia is turning it into a three horse one – which isn’t nearly as good.

In the ad, Nokia advertises features from BOTH competitors, without saying much about their own. Actually they don’t say anything about the Lumia 920 in this spot. All the while you can clearly see Apple’s Siri being used as well as the Android/Samsung bump function.

Sure it makes a point of being better, but why and how? Sure it’s “Engadget’s readers smartphone of the year”, but how many people even know what Engadget is?

Yes I think the ad is fun, but it doesn’t sell me on the Lumia. So I’m still leaning towards a Samsung as my next phone.