Mercedes Time Travel

So Mercedes cars have a pretty cool function that automatically breaks when it senses danger. Much like a spider sense.

Sadly this isn’t a real ad. It’s fun, provoking and unforgettable. If this was a real ad, that went live on German TV, we would see this in many competitions the coming year. Mercedes would lose customers who think it’s insensitive and possible gain some who have a sense of humour.

Still, I wonder where Mercedes would be today without Hitler and the free labour he provided.


Here’s the latest campaign from Amnesty International. Check out the campaign site or watch the video and click the link inside it if you want to see it for yourself, or read on if you want to know what I think.

I love the idea of becoming a rebel. Because right now we live in a time where our freedom of speech is being attacked from every angle. What I’m not sure about is the execution, the missions that you get. I think that the idea is perfect, but in todays western world the printer is on its way out. And if you start doing hand drawn copies the message will be a bit lost. Because Amnesty need to create a front that is just as unified as a government or global company. But I don’t know how an alternate execution would look…

Still, I would love to see this campaign developed and expanded because the time to fight back is now. And I think this is the right way to do it. We must all rebel, no matter how little or late it might be.

Iron Man is here to save the day

So HTC bought Iron Man for some £8 million over two years. I imagine it’ll pay off, but will the new weird campaign do so as well?

I’m almost always a fan of brands that aren’t afraid to go out on a limb with their brands. Which means I’m now a fan of HTC. I do think the execution is a bit lame, but when you’re doing a global campaign for a few hundred million I think it’s pretty brave. Most brands would never let an idea that makes fun of the brand name go through even the first meeting, let alone be produced.

Be Less Cat

Ok, my holiday from the blog is over. So let’s start with the best ad that I saw during these weeks.

Be More dog is a great production and it’s funny, well worth both a second and a third watch, which is a lot better than most ads. Because who enjoys watching an ad a second time?

If you don’t live in the UK O2’s positioning might be a bit confused after seeing this, as they’re not selling mobile phones to either cats or dogs. But O2 is positioned as a fun brand for people who go out and enjoy themselves, not sit at home and mope. Which is why the dog / cat metaphor works well for them.

Summer break

As I’m not getting any holiday this summer I thought I’d at least take a break from the blog. I don’t know for how long but I don’t think I can keep away more than a few weeks. See you then.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 09.57.18
Photo by: MsGunnarsson

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Here’s a clip that shows how much music can do for your ad.

I know, I know this is a Christmas song. But I think it’s much more true for summer, and so did the clever people over at Leo Burnett.

It’s always nice to see the power of opposites and I think it’s sad that we don’t see them more often. Because it’s so easy to create and often gives a fun attention drawing effect.

So why are so few agencies and clients using it? Why are we giving so little credit to the viewer? The average person will not believe you’ve gone mad, the average person will like you for it.

If You Were My Agency I’d want to see more of this, I know as a client it’s scary to put your brand out there. But you just can’t be like everyone else and expect people to love you for it.

Immortal Football Fans

After an amazing week off I’m catching up to what happened in Cannes and found this brilliant Gran Prix winning activation.

I think it’s a superb activation, not much of what comes out of ad agencies saves lives.

The Craziest Ad of the Year.

A definite must see, I can’t even imagine the production budget for this.

Heads up, this one’s kind of long and the ending is NSFW.

Yes it has a sexist vibe throughout, but no one would expect anything else from Ibiza. However, the concept is nothing short of amazing. Advertise an energy drink that isn’t an energy drink, but a nightclub.

But the most fascinating part is the huge production behind this. It looks professional, takes place in a number of locations and goes on for 4 minutes. And this is for a night club, sure the media spend is probably zero but few companies in the world would spend this much on an ad…

I reckon it’s time to get some new clients who’d be willing to do something closer to this. Sure it’s a mess, but the bits and pieces by them selves are awesome.

So fluffy!

Here’s a Friday treat for all the bunny-lovers out there.

I don’t think there’s any idea to talk about here but people will still remember the association with bunnies. Which I guess means this is a win for Ibis. Fluffy by association.

All Eyes on the S4

How do you advertise a feature that pauses movies when you look away from the screen?

That’s how!

You could say it’s a low budget personalized version of the TNT push for drama, but the connection to the product benefit is much closer here. There are a lot of things that can add drama, but no other phone with the same function as the S4.

It’s a fun spectacle to watch. I just wish I got the chance to try this out, even though I know I wouldn’t have made it till the end.