Over the last few years Skittles have created weirder and weirder commercials. I love most of them, and I think most people do. Even with the success they decided to switch agencies, and keep the concept. Their chose fell upon Leo Burnett Chicago who made this ad a few months ago.

It created an outcry. Because, according to a bunch of US moms, it promotes bestiality. Sure it promotes bestiality, if you’re stupid. You don’t have to like the ad; you can think it’s disgusting. But if you believe this peace of comedy will the tipping point that makes a kid go “Oh… I should have sex with animals”. Then you must’ve some kind of issues with your own inspirations for sex.

Anyway, this rad sweaty treadmill ad came out recently. I’m pretty sure it promotes torture.

I like both ads. No matter what the “moms” say. The ads are crazy, funny and brilliant. They make me crave skittles and they inspire me. When I see them I want to

    a) do crazy shit myself
    b) get a job where I can come up with crazy Skittles ads.

So if Leo Burnett needs people on the account, please let me know!

To finnish off this round of Skittles madness I’ll give you an ad from Trale Lewous. It’s a character created by Nathan Barnatt that love Skittles. I have no idea how/if he works with the agency though…