The last few years I actually think coke shaped up. They had some kind of youth camp connected with social media that was pretty cool. It’s not super awesome, but it gives a hint of what’s possible to do with social media if you have the right crowd.

Wieden+Kennedy, to you’re the best agency in the world. Why are you doing ads like this? With some of the most talented people in the world you can do better.

But for Super Bowl this year someone thought that they should keep up their polar bear campaign. SERIOUSLY, it’s not cute any more. We know it’s just a mascot for you and that you don’t really give a crap about them… Sure you have your support website for them. But where do you even mention that, why don’t you unite your billions of fans and actually save them?

The ad isn’t even funny, although trying so hard. If you were my agency I’d start taking more social responsibility. It’s time, you’re one of the few companies in the world who could do something about climate change and help the Polar Regions. Get in the history books for something more than soda!