This video has gotten quiet a lot of attention the last few days. So how do you manage those really tough childhood days?

It’s a series of ads, and this is the best one. It also has way more views than any of the other ones.

I think these ads will be very successful. They convey a feeling that we all know. Although we haven’t all seen our parents have sex, we can imagine what it’d be like. I bet you might even be thinking about it right now…Which is why selling this ad can turn into a problem.

Before the creative revolution no one would OK an ad like this. Why make the association between your parents having sex and your brand*? You’d want people to associate your brand with good things like puppies, laughing children and families where little boys won’t walk in on his parents.

*Yes, no one would’ve had such vicious content anyway, but that’s not the points here.

But this is the big change. Brands, still only some, will go another route. To stand out from the clutter you have to use another type of voice for your brands communication. Props to Ragú who bought it and even more props to BFG9000 who made the ad.

Although this probably isn’t as horrifying to experience as the first one, it’s pretty bad.