The Craziest Ad of the Year.

A definite must see, I can’t even imagine the production budget for this.

Heads up, this one’s kind of long and the ending is NSFW.

Yes it has a sexist vibe throughout, but no one would expect anything else from Ibiza. However, the concept is nothing short of amazing. Advertise an energy drink that isn’t an energy drink, but a nightclub.

But the most fascinating part is the huge production behind this. It looks professional, takes place in a number of locations and goes on for 4 minutes. And this is for a night club, sure the media spend is probably zero but few companies in the world would spend this much on an ad…

I reckon it’s time to get some new clients who’d be willing to do something closer to this. Sure it’s a mess, but the bits and pieces by them selves are awesome.

So fluffy!

Here’s a Friday treat for all the bunny-lovers out there.

I don’t think there’s any idea to talk about here but people will still remember the association with bunnies. Which I guess means this is a win for Ibis. Fluffy by association.

Sure, but WHY!?

Samsung started bashing apple: here, here and here. But apple didn’t take the bait, so Nokia decided to give it a go.

It has its fun parts. But where Samsung tried to make the choice of smartphones seem like a two horse race, Nokia is turning it into a three horse one – which isn’t nearly as good.

In the ad, Nokia advertises features from BOTH competitors, without saying much about their own. Actually they don’t say anything about the Lumia 920 in this spot. All the while you can clearly see Apple’s Siri being used as well as the Android/Samsung bump function.

Sure it makes a point of being better, but why and how? Sure it’s “Engadget’s readers smartphone of the year”, but how many people even know what Engadget is?

Yes I think the ad is fun, but it doesn’t sell me on the Lumia. So I’m still leaning towards a Samsung as my next phone.

Babies could’ve come up with the concept.

This is a tough one. Is Evian’s latest baby ad good or bad?

I guess the ad is both good and bad. The execution is well made and makes people feel fuzzy inside. But on a concept/idea level this isn’t very clever. It has to have been the first thought anyone came up with in whatever kind of brainstorm or idea process was behind the concept.

But this ad shows it’s not necessarily a bad thing. People will think of Evian in a more positive way, they will buy more of their water.

I can mope around all day not liking the concept, but the main point of advertising is still creating sale. No matter the level of the thinking that was behind the concept.

Italian Sexism.

We all knew Italians liked sexism and objectification of women. I just found yet another proof.

I think one of the characters is supposed to be a man (it wears pants and a shirt). To me that just look like a lesbian spanking session, or a woman hitting a boy from a private school.

Italy has a lot to be proud of, sadly most of it is history. So if they want their best time to be ahead of them it’s time to get with the times, especially as an advertising agency. You’re supposed to explore and innovate, not look in the rearview mirror.

I don’t have any problem with spanking per se. But I have a problem with ads where only sexualized and objectified women are being spanked in the ads. Why aren’t more people represented and why do we have to see their bare asses? It makes me think of this horrible bicycle ad.

Furthermore, the idea is stolen, and the original was better.

Are you a social farter?

So how lame is social smoking?

It’s a pretty fun ad. But the end line completely ruins it. Everybody understand it’s an ad about social smoking, we look at it, we laugh and see how silly they look. We think a bit about how we might look when we smoke at parties. But we know we look cooler than someone farting. Why? Because no one ever farted in a movie and looked cool, no cowboy ever rode his horse into the sunset farting in a TV ad and no one ever asked anyone out for a fart in the snow.

Social smoking is not as ridiculous as social farting. It’s a lot more dangerous and stupid, but it’s not as ridiculous looking.

And that’s the whole problem with the ad; the comparison is funny as long as it’s metaphorical. But as soon as that line of copy comes up we know it’s just a bunch of lies.

The line should’ve just said: Stop looking stupid during parties. Stop social smoking. Now it just draws an equal sign that turns the ad into a lie, and advertising should never lie.

Paper isn’t dead.

Print media might not be dead yet, but it’s definitely declining… But paper still has it’s place in the world.

As a want-ALL-the-tech guy myself I use less and less paper, but nothing beats it when I need to get ideas out. We need to disconnect and log off. It’s a yin and yang thing, you need pieces of both or neither will be really good.

So I would like to congratualte the agency that created this, the insight is absolutely on spot. And the execution is excellent, especially the twist ending. The casting/roles are a bit stereotype though.

If You Were My Agency I’d know for sure that both the planners and creative who made this could be counted on. But could it be flipped around, could the woman be the techie?

I Hope You Followed the Frog.

I found this to be the only ad I hadn’t seen in the TED top 10 published yesterday. It’s an ad no one should miss, so take a look.

I think it’s a great ad, not that I think everyone will recognize himself or herself in it, but a lot of people will. We all want to help the environment and mother earth, but we don’t want to make sacrifices. And I think the ad above is a great way to showcase that. It’s funny with a great story. The only problem I have with it is the length, 3 minutes is a long attention nowadays.

Too bad Rainforest Alliance isn’t really that great, compared to similar certifications it’s a lot easier for a company to get the frog badge than the others. But I guess it’s better than nothing.

Worst/grossest ad on Super Bowl.

The worst Super Bowl commercial came from GoDaddy. As horrid as the ad might be, it also took 45 retakes to get the kiss right…

GoDaddy has spewed shitty ads, like the one above, out for years. But the latest is the one with least substance ever. There’s no point to the ad more than showing a) a hottie girl (because nothing is more important when choosing webhosting) b) make it memorable by letting her kiss the ugly/geeky inside of their product.

The ad is sexist, stupid, gross (close up, smacking, kissing is frowned upon in public, and rightly so) and it talks down to its audience. No one who buys webhosting will be stupid enough to fall for “sexy on the outside & smart on the inside” lines. THAT’S HOW ALL WEBHOSTING WORK, way to sell that USP.

At least the ad is memorable, and quite a few 13 year old geeks were probably drooling a lot seeing it. They will grow up with GoDaddy somewhere in the back of their minds. In the end it’s a success.

If You Were My Agency I’d beg you to come up with a new concept. This shit has been on the air for too long.

El Plato Supreme

Samsung is stepping up to the plate with their Super Bowl ad. But lets start out with the teaser.

And here comes the Super Bowl ad, for the Next Big Thing.

I love both Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, and I think they’re pretty funny here. The video is well done, well acted and funny. But is it doing a good job advertising Samsung? I don’t think so.

Sure the brand gets some nice star quality with the two of them + the cameo of LeBron on a tablet. But I know nothing of their products. If I haven’t seen the ads before, I have no idea what it’s about. Samsung does a lot more things than smartphones and tablets, and although brand building is always good there’s no real competitive power here. But maybe they didn’t feel they had to. Samsung is doing pretty good on the smartphone market, being the online real competitor to Apple. There are some product shots in here, but the products are concealed pretty well. And if I should be honest I fucking love this. I want this to be the type of advertising we see all the time. But if that’s going to happen this must work, as in making people buy the stuff from the ads.

If You Were My Agency I’d say that being seen on Super Bowl and making fun, celebrity endorsed, ads was a good decision. People are re-watching them online just because they’re good, but I can’t help to wonder if they could’ve put just a bit of product info in the ads. Would it have ruined them? We’ll never know.