The scariest stunt ever?

I’m probably one of the few who don’t hate on movie reboots, I do however hate on the lack of creativity. So I can see why a new version of Carrie would be cool, having another go at something can yield nice results. But it means that a new cooler idea never got the chance. Still, this viral is pretty epic.

This is a very nice stunt. It shows what all stunts must have, which is one of the following: it needs to be mind blowing, fun enough for a comedy special, super cute or scary.

The video of your pop-up store will never go viral and neither will your free give away. Unless they’re surrounded by flying pink elephants, but those aren’t on brand… Now you go figure out why your video only reached a few thousand people (all paid for/just you refreshing your browser).

A wasted idea…

Somehow this idea feels wasted in more than one way.

The above is a great idea and execution. I can just imagine the publicity it would’ve received it Heineken or Carlsberg launched it. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we’d have world championships in this? People would start out sober and the guys in the final would be so drunk they’d have to be tied to the arcade machine to be able to stand up straight.

But all we can hope for now (if it’s real) is that this get’s picked up and launched in enough bars to be recognized by the general public – anything can happen after that. It’s sad when a great idea like this never gets out there, everyone should get a chance to see and experience this in a pub. A big beer brand would’ve made that happen, now we can only hold our thumbs and hope.

What a big beer brand wouldn’t have done is to buy the idea in the first place. As we all (should) know: with great hierarchy comes great stupidity – too many cooks spoil the broth. Who wouldn’t want to get their greasy little marketing fingers on this idea, “tweaking” it to be more “on brand”. Couldn’t it be a Facebook game instead? Why keep the purity and geniality of the idea when you can ruin it completely…

If You Were My Agency I’d love you (if there even was an agency behind this).

Hidden Horses

The big horsemeat scandal, that started in the UK with Tesco’s ready made burgers, is now sweeping all of Europe.

MINI Topical BEEF Ad

I love it, as I love all topical ads.

If You Were My Agency I’d just tell you to keep up the keep thinking.

How bad’s your breath?

Realluy cool flashmob for TicTac. I think involving this many people in an ad stunt, really shows dedication and belief in an idea. There’s nothing half assed about this, they went all out, and that’s the key to flashmob success.

Secret Agent, Agency Style.

Here is an awesome stunt for Xperia acro S from my friends over at CP+B Europe in Gothenburg. It’s a well fitting idea, really good planning and execution. Now let’s see that YouTube video get some spread and viral success.

More than the ball bounces at La Bombonera

Maybe the fans of your football team are wild and crazy. But do the jump enough to create earthquakes?

The wonderful world of Science

These Science World ads were made by Rethink in Canada. They’ve been all over the net by now but I thought I’d give some comments to them. Trying to make out which are good, which are superb, which are in between and why I think so.

The really good ones use the medium to its fullest potential. The make us turn our heads, and maybe even run after.

The inbetweeners, stand out as installations. They ‘refunny and make people curious, but placing something where it doesn’t belong is easier than finding that special opportunity we saw above.

I still like these very much, they play on curiosity and the human urge to know and learn. They’re just not as cool as cool as the above ones, they’re “just” regular billboards.

All in all I can’t but love these ads. I’m far from alone to think so. These billboards went viral, VIRAL BILLBOARDS! And it wasn’t just one of them, it was the whole series, that’s impressive.

Rethink have also done some great TV ads for science world that you can see over at Copyranter on Buzzfeed . I’ve written about at least one of them, Airport Security.

I like safe flights.

I never listen to the flight instructions anymore; but if I got these instructions – I’m sure I would.

No point in hiding it, I like stunts. But they all have one big problem; the bang/buck ratio is often pretty low. But this stunt isn’t too expensive. Condom companies give their product away for free at festivals anyway. So if you could pull this off I’m not sure it’d be too expensive. And you’ll get your message through, that’s for sure.

I’d place the condom part a bit earlier, or more interweaved, and create a win-win-win situation. More people will listen to the safety instructions (the real ones), everyone will get a free condom and durex will get exposure, win-win-win.