As I’ve been living in London my eyes have opened up to some horrible tube advertising. Big and small formats, but none of them make any sense. So I’m going to start a miniseries of fun/weird/bad London tube advertising.

First up is this pretty stupid breast cancer awareness ad. I think you can tell why it’s stupid, if you can’t see it read on below the picture.


Well if you didn’t see it, here it comes. The ad is stupid because they want you to know how to tell if you have breast cancer – but don’t tell you that. Instead they want you (in a place with 0 reception) to send a text message to get the info.

I know tracking and statistics are great, but actually getting your message across and save lives might have a higher priority, don’t you think?

Even if the goal is to get people to have a physical product delivered we still want the basic information. Don’t leave us hanging and then demand a pretty big effort for finding out the answer…