Are you a social farter?

So how lame is social smoking?

It’s a pretty fun ad. But the end line completely ruins it. Everybody understand it’s an ad about social smoking, we look at it, we laugh and see how silly they look. We think a bit about how we might look when we smoke at parties. But we know we look cooler than someone farting. Why? Because no one ever farted in a movie and looked cool, no cowboy ever rode his horse into the sunset farting in a TV ad and no one ever asked anyone out for a fart in the snow.

Social smoking is not as ridiculous as social farting. It’s a lot more dangerous and stupid, but it’s not as ridiculous looking.

And that’s the whole problem with the ad; the comparison is funny as long as it’s metaphorical. But as soon as that line of copy comes up we know it’s just a bunch of lies.

The line should’ve just said: Stop looking stupid during parties. Stop social smoking. Now it just draws an equal sign that turns the ad into a lie, and advertising should never lie.

Dumb ways to die

I think this is a really great ad/PSA from McCann Melbourne for Metro Trains. What I think creates the magic is the mix of absolute cuteness and brutality. Which is always a great way to get noticed through all the clutter.

You don’t always die from tobacco.

Horrifying… it really makes you think. One of the greatest anti smoke stunts ever pulled.