Here’s the latest campaign from Amnesty International. Check out the campaign site or watch the video and click the link inside it if you want to see it for yourself, or read on if you want to know what I think.

I love the idea of becoming a rebel. Because right now we live in a time where our freedom of speech is being attacked from every angle. What I’m not sure about is the execution, the missions that you get. I think that the idea is perfect, but in todays western world the printer is on its way out. And if you start doing hand drawn copies the message will be a bit lost. Because Amnesty need to create a front that is just as unified as a government or global company. But I don’t know how an alternate execution would look…

Still, I would love to see this campaign developed and expanded because the time to fight back is now. And I think this is the right way to do it. We must all rebel, no matter how little or late it might be.

All Eyes on the S4

How do you advertise a feature that pauses movies when you look away from the screen?

That’s how!

You could say it’s a low budget personalized version of the TNT push for drama, but the connection to the product benefit is much closer here. There are a lot of things that can add drama, but no other phone with the same function as the S4.

It’s a fun spectacle to watch. I just wish I got the chance to try this out, even though I know I wouldn’t have made it till the end.

Meganews Magazine Kiosk

I think this is freakishly smart.


You might not be able to tell from the picture, but this is a magazine kiosk that prints on demand. Instead of printing tons of magazines that gets sent back every month, the magazine you want gets printed on the spot.

With the technology we have nowadays this is a no-brainer. Why would we waste more natural resources, cut down more trees, use more paper than wee need?

I see this as an amazing arena for the future. The promotional offers that could be combined with this are vast. Buy a Coke and get 25% on the magazine, BUT it’ll be filled with Coke advertising as well.

Pushing Press Forward

So, press advertising just took another cool step towards the future. We’ve seen interactive ads as well as lenticulars and the obvious QR codes. But Microsoft just took that a whole lot further.

To advertise their Office 365 cloud based service they went to Forbes magazine, as we all know, a paper for business people who use Microsoft Office. They persuaded them to put a wifi hotspot, using T-Mobile connectivity, inside the paper. A brilliant way to showcase the ‘always connected’ office.

Images below.




A wasted idea…

Somehow this idea feels wasted in more than one way.

The above is a great idea and execution. I can just imagine the publicity it would’ve received it Heineken or Carlsberg launched it. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we’d have world championships in this? People would start out sober and the guys in the final would be so drunk they’d have to be tied to the arcade machine to be able to stand up straight.

But all we can hope for now (if it’s real) is that this get’s picked up and launched in enough bars to be recognized by the general public – anything can happen after that. It’s sad when a great idea like this never gets out there, everyone should get a chance to see and experience this in a pub. A big beer brand would’ve made that happen, now we can only hold our thumbs and hope.

What a big beer brand wouldn’t have done is to buy the idea in the first place. As we all (should) know: with great hierarchy comes great stupidity – too many cooks spoil the broth. Who wouldn’t want to get their greasy little marketing fingers on this idea, “tweaking” it to be more “on brand”. Couldn’t it be a Facebook game instead? Why keep the purity and geniality of the idea when you can ruin it completely…

If You Were My Agency I’d love you (if there even was an agency behind this).

Don’t Drink and Dial

Swedish anti drinking (well not anti, but pro responsible drinking) organization IQ just released a follow up app on their “am I too drunk to use the net” website. The app tests your motor skills and determins if you’re sober enough to call and text. I ASSUME that you can always do emergency calls like 911.

More than the ball bounces at La Bombonera

Maybe the fans of your football team are wild and crazy. But do the jump enough to create earthquakes?

Let the insta-race begin!

Advertising have somewhat become a tech-race. As the space race was dependent on hardware, this race is built on social media and digital technology. Many times the agency and brand that are first to use certain social media in a new way will reap the benefits, both in consumer awareness and advertising rewards. I actually wondered who’d be the first to use Instagram somewhat like this (though I had a travelling catalogue in mind).

Both Facebook and Twitter have been used a lot for advertising campaigns. And although I don’t see this as an ad campaign, I do see it as marketing using a new social media. So let the Insta-games begin, we will soon be flooded with campaigns there as well.

Animated Lexus Print ad.

I think this might be the coolest print ad ever.

Ok, saying it’s a print ad isn’t really true. The technology isn’t very revolutionizing either; it’s just a piece of paper over an iPad. The really cool thing is that no one thought of this before. It looks really amazingly cool.

I have one concern though; it’s a freaking hassle to take out your iPad when you’re reading an actual magazine. It’s even more of a hassle when you have to scan a QR code to get to a website, type in a link or even download an app. When will we see NFC in the spine of the magazine or book? I know I can’t wait for it.

Too bad Apple doesn’t want in on it. They’re waiting for others to make it mainstream. Whereas if Apple would’ve added it to the iPhone 5 it would’ve gone mainstream over night…

The Most Exclusive Page on Facebook

A not so long time ago social media campaigns equaled Facebook likes. This have changed quickly, both brands and agencies understand that a like in itself isn’t worth anything. It’s how you use that like and how people interact with your brand that’s interesting.

The like isn’t forgotten; it’s measured in countless case movies and still has its place. It’s just not in the spotlight as it used too. CP+B took this to their hearts and created a Facebook campaign that was the complete opposite to all previous ones.

The Most Exclusive Page of Facebook

This is the Facebook page for the Grey Poupon mustard brand. Getting into the club isn’t easy. You have to pass a test of taste. An app will scan your Facebook likes to see if you have good enough taste to be a Grey Poupon fan. You can like the page without doing the test, but you’ll be thrown out within 24 hours.

I think this is brilliant. Exclusivity is desirable and in a universe where brands pay people to like them, Grey Poupon is doing the opposite. It’s a remarkably simple way to stand out. And who wouldn’t want to be seen as someone with great taste?