Good Advertising

The lenticular boy.

The talk of the town last week was, for anyone who might’ve missed it, a lenticular poster against child abuse.

Lenticulars are nothing new, but this era is different. What used to be a slightly awkward toy has now evolved into something sleek and usable. With the change of the world surrounding it we will see it used in many more places. Not only because of how much better the technology has got, but also because we live in a time where we expect more than a still image. We want the change to happen before our very eyes, not just imagine it. Or just target advertising to kids, next time it might be for a less noble purpose.

As a reminder the message doesn’t have to be as dreadful as this ad, I wrote about a much nicer one last summer.

Pushing Press Forward

So, press advertising just took another cool step towards the future. We’ve seen interactive ads as well as lenticulars and the obvious QR codes. But Microsoft just took that a whole lot further.

To advertise their Office 365 cloud based service they went to Forbes magazine, as we all know, a paper for business people who use Microsoft Office. They persuaded them to put a wifi hotspot, using T-Mobile connectivity, inside the paper. A brilliant way to showcase the ‘always connected’ office.

Images below.




Babies could’ve come up with the concept.

This is a tough one. Is Evian’s latest baby ad good or bad?

I guess the ad is both good and bad. The execution is well made and makes people feel fuzzy inside. But on a concept/idea level this isn’t very clever. It has to have been the first thought anyone came up with in whatever kind of brainstorm or idea process was behind the concept.

But this ad shows it’s not necessarily a bad thing. People will think of Evian in a more positive way, they will buy more of their water.

I can mope around all day not liking the concept, but the main point of advertising is still creating sale. No matter the level of the thinking that was behind the concept.

Banned in schools.

Putting things in perspective is always a wake up call.


I think it’s an amazing ad, while it’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges I don’t think it’s wrong. Because it is weird that a book can be banned for harming children but guns aren’t.

Are you a social farter?

So how lame is social smoking?

It’s a pretty fun ad. But the end line completely ruins it. Everybody understand it’s an ad about social smoking, we look at it, we laugh and see how silly they look. We think a bit about how we might look when we smoke at parties. But we know we look cooler than someone farting. Why? Because no one ever farted in a movie and looked cool, no cowboy ever rode his horse into the sunset farting in a TV ad and no one ever asked anyone out for a fart in the snow.

Social smoking is not as ridiculous as social farting. It’s a lot more dangerous and stupid, but it’s not as ridiculous looking.

And that’s the whole problem with the ad; the comparison is funny as long as it’s metaphorical. But as soon as that line of copy comes up we know it’s just a bunch of lies.

The line should’ve just said: Stop looking stupid during parties. Stop social smoking. Now it just draws an equal sign that turns the ad into a lie, and advertising should never lie.

Reverted beauty.

Dove Canada has created a new piece for their real beauty campaign to follow their marvelous film from a few years ago. If anyone has missed it you can watch it below.

This time they created a fake Photoshop action, which restores an image back to its original state – removing all changes. The film explains it all.

I think it’s pretty clever. They’re targeting the ones with the power to change our perception of beauty. Sadly it feels a bit gimmicky. Will people keep downloading this when they realize it’s fake? Will the Photoshop forums and websites keep the link?

The thought it great, and it gets through the usual clutter these people hear, but will it change how they think? I hope so, but I’m not sure.

Paper isn’t dead.

Print media might not be dead yet, but it’s definitely declining… But paper still has it’s place in the world.

As a want-ALL-the-tech guy myself I use less and less paper, but nothing beats it when I need to get ideas out. We need to disconnect and log off. It’s a yin and yang thing, you need pieces of both or neither will be really good.

So I would like to congratualte the agency that created this, the insight is absolutely on spot. And the execution is excellent, especially the twist ending. The casting/roles are a bit stereotype though.

If You Were My Agency I’d know for sure that both the planners and creative who made this could be counted on. But could it be flipped around, could the woman be the techie?

Cookie > Cream

I was going to write about the Oreo separator last week. Good thing I didn’t because two more videos have come out since then.

I think these are absolutely brilliant. The insight from Wieden+Kennedy is superbly blown out of proportion into some thing that anyone would enjoy watching. Having that home made feel adds to the “viral factor” and will allow it to spread further. They’re not all perfect; I think video #1 and #2 hits the execution better than #3. It’s not just about the failures in the third one; it’s also how the two guys act in front of the camera.

If You Were My Agency I’d say you’ve hit the jack pot here. It can be used in a variety of media once the viral fame has worn off – and that’ll take some time.

Now give me some more of these!

A wasted idea…

Somehow this idea feels wasted in more than one way.

The above is a great idea and execution. I can just imagine the publicity it would’ve received it Heineken or Carlsberg launched it. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we’d have world championships in this? People would start out sober and the guys in the final would be so drunk they’d have to be tied to the arcade machine to be able to stand up straight.

But all we can hope for now (if it’s real) is that this get’s picked up and launched in enough bars to be recognized by the general public – anything can happen after that. It’s sad when a great idea like this never gets out there, everyone should get a chance to see and experience this in a pub. A big beer brand would’ve made that happen, now we can only hold our thumbs and hope.

What a big beer brand wouldn’t have done is to buy the idea in the first place. As we all (should) know: with great hierarchy comes great stupidity – too many cooks spoil the broth. Who wouldn’t want to get their greasy little marketing fingers on this idea, “tweaking” it to be more “on brand”. Couldn’t it be a Facebook game instead? Why keep the purity and geniality of the idea when you can ruin it completely…

If You Were My Agency I’d love you (if there even was an agency behind this).

Hidden Horses

The big horsemeat scandal, that started in the UK with Tesco’s ready made burgers, is now sweeping all of Europe.

MINI Topical BEEF Ad

I love it, as I love all topical ads.

If You Were My Agency I’d just tell you to keep up the keep thinking.