Direct Marketing

DVD magic

Here’s nifty piece of DM from Dominos that uses the heat of your DVD-player to deliver its message.

When you hear cleaver use of technology we think of something happening online, or maybe an installation. But Artplan took another route and it gets me excited.

It’s not only the use of the thermal ink technology, but the media and client as well. It’s a perfect fit – advertising pizza with movies. The only bad part is that you have to wait until after you’ve watched it to get the offer. But we can’t be far off interactive advertising where you’ll be offered pizza during the intro and it’ll land in your lap half way in.

As more and more people chose to skip advertising we will see increasing integration/branded content/product placement. We’ll be given an offer to buy the same phone as James Bond when he answers his, the same bed sheet as the housewives and home delivered Burger King cheeseburgers as Tony Stark digs into his.

Wanna play doctor?

Augmented reality is here to stay; sadly most of the things we’ve seen so far are gimmicks. But there are some amazing examples of how to use it:

Guns don’t kill people, water kills people.

I read earlier this week that an ad from the Swedish Jung von Matt office will be displayed at MoMA.

I often feel that ads for charity get a “free” ride. It’s easier to create an emotional ad for an emotional subject. Rather than creating emotions for, say, detergent. But this is great; there is such a clean thought behind it – simple yet powerful.

A marvelous piece of advertising, that works in any culture, at any time in human history. The idea and the art direction are superb.

DM has never been more Direct.

Direct Marketing always had its strength in how well you could aim it, especially direct mail. Recently LOWE in Toronto took it a step, leap might be more correct, further.

I think this is a cool way to advertise premium products. Very few can afford a Porsche, so why no hit them head on? And since the target group is so small, why not put in some extra effort to make sure you reach them. I think that we’ll see more of this in the future. It get’s cheaper by the day and we’re getting better at finding very specific target groups. Maybe it won’t be through mail, but we will see more precisely target ads, it’s inevitable.