Cannes Lions

Chipotle are back in business

2012 Film Grand Prix winner Chipotle are back, and on track, with their GMO and factory free message.

Not sure if it’s another Grand Prix, as it doesn’t feel as fresh as the last one. Instead we see a world that we remember from the last ad. It has the same colour and feel but with another focus.

These ads really sell Chipotle and their concept to me, and probably everyone else. There’s hardly no branding at all, but with a strong USP and story you don’t need it. You might not be a fan of the current climate or food debates, but please, if you’re in marketing/advertising learn from this ad.

Immortal Football Fans

After an amazing week off I’m catching up to what happened in Cannes and found this brilliant Gran Prix winning activation.

I think it’s a superb activation, not much of what comes out of ad agencies saves lives.

Thanks for everything

I’ve reached a milestone, 100 posts. It took longer than anticipated (8.5 months). But I stuck to it and I’m very proud of myself. The more I write the more I look forward to it. Since this is #100 I’m doing a special post. It’ll be about a brand rather than an agency. Because good advertising needs a fearless buyer.

More than half a century has passed since Bernbach and DDB revolutionized advertising. Volkswagen has helped pave the way ever since. They started doing the prints in the late fifties and it’s probably the most iconic advertising ever made.

But the team over at DDB also created some great TVCs for the Beetle.

Looking into the rear view mirror of Volkswagen advertising is a marvelous sight. And so is the road ahead.

New agency Deutsch won the German car brand both internet fame and 2 Golden Lions in Cannes. With last years über success The Force.

It was first show on Superbowl 2011 and has 54 million views to date. They tried to to follow it this year with the Imperial Bark.

Which I’ve already blogged about here.

This year they didn’t come back empty handed from Cannes either. Just a few days ago I wrote about amazing ads from DDB Sydney.

Check out the whole series and see what I thought here.

But the greatest VW ad from 2012 is definitely this one. From Tribal DDB Berlin. A Gold winner in Cannes cyber category. Do you like it as much as I do?

It has everything a great viral ad should have. And it’s not funny, it’s a serious ad about a serious issue. It tells the worn out story on focusing while driving. It aims at a target group that’s used to nagging and puts them out of balance. DDB Tribal created an inspiring and frightening master piece.

I’d like to thank Volkswagen and all theory agencies. You’ve inspired generations of young advertisers, me included. I’d love to get a shot at making a Volkswagen ad in the future. Though I don’t know if I could handle the pressure and high expectations from the whole world.

And thanks to everyone who reads the blog. I promise the next 100 posts will come faster than these.

Some parallel parkings will put pressure on you.

I fucking love clever ads.

The idea is genius here, it did win a Gold Lion in Cannes earlier this year and it’s not hard to see why. They’ve taken the idea so much further, what would could park assist actually help you with? Can we put a humorous and visual twist on that?

I can just imagine all the ads for cars with parking assistance. I think most of them would feature a car from the brand they’d try to promote. They’d be text based, and they’d have the “from” price of the car printed on a circle.

Cannes Lions – Dorito Duels, three little pigs and storytelling.

There is A LOT of talk about storytelling and brands. There have been for years, but it’s still there. And I think this Gold winner is a prime example.

The people over at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO made a great job here. I’m not 100% sure about the ad. The story is there and I never want to turn it off. But there’s nothing new about a rising star that turns to the bottle and loses everything. However the story haven’t been told from a Dorito throwing perspective before. And this many product images in a story this good is something special.

Talking about storytelling…

I don’t know if this is the best ad from last year, but it’s definitely one of them. Taking a classical story, twisting it and turning it until you have a modern version for grown ups – and it’s an ad.

“The real fact of the matter is that nobody reads ads. People read what interest them, and sometimes it’s an ad.” – Howard Gossage

So make sure your ads are so good that people would stop on their way to work, just to see how it ends.

Cannes Lions – Hahn SuperManly

There’s a fine line for me on what stereotypes I think are OK and those that aren’t. If you make fun of stereotypes or take them faaar out, you’re on the right side. Hahn SuperDry added all the cliché stereotypes that come with maneliness and added it into their beer factory. One of the best ads this year came out on the other side.

There have been other inside-the-factory-ads for beer (and other alcohol). So if you want to do it, hit it way over the top like Hahn did and you’ll have one hell of a commercial. If Publicis Mojo were my agency I’d show this to more clients and tell them that whacky ads like this win both prices and drive sales. And maybe most importantly in today’s climate, people will talk about your brand.

Cannes Film – Bound by blood

Last autumn all of Hyper Island sat down with CP+B. We got briefed to create world peace, if only for a day, within 72 hours. You can see the resulting ideas here.

But this year an idea that easily beat all our hours won a Golden Lion. Watch it and feel it’s power.

I don’t really believe the whole “you wouldn’t kill someone that has your blood in them” thing. But wow do I believe in the power of this idea. To have things in common, to save lives of people on the other side and meet each other in sorrow. I often dismiss ads for charities because it’s a lot harder to sell a brand than world peace or child starvation. But for this I can’t give anything less than three thumbs up, the idea really moved me.

Cannes Film #2 – Direct TV

I’ve blogged about the Direct TV ads before, and I like them, but I can’t see how they Won a Gold:

And then there’s this brilliant ad from Forsman & Bodenfors that only won a bronze.

Dr. Pepper and others have done the what could go wrong idea before Direct TV. Whereas the anti drinking ad from IQ superbly masks itself as a whisky ad and slowly expands into so much more. It captures the essence of fine-booze-ads and then makes us feel guilty about it, without taking it too far. I think these too should’ve switched place. There are probably more top ads that didn’t make it into the absolute top, time to dig around I guess.

Cannes Film

So a new week is upon us and I thought I’d share my feeling about some of the Cannes Film Winners.

I’ve covered some of them before: Dads in briefs here and the Canal+ Bear here.

So the first ad I’m going to talk about is the Wieden+Kennedy ad “Best Job” for Procter and Gamble.

As always the film-job, direction and script from W+K is marvelous. The sexism isn’t. Why isn’t there a single dad in there? Dads just work and moms stay at home. Couldn’t there be ONE full time working mom and one stay at home dad that has the best job in the world?

In this case I really have to say that if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. It doesn’t matter if the execution is marvelous you’re making the world a worse place by promoting stereotypes. You all know the Steve Jobs quote, read it every day and understand the meaning of it.